Tonicity Fit

Holistic Fitness Rooted In Science, Designed For Life

Accountability, motivation and support are three pillars of overall personal health. This trifecta of services also is the foundation of a local fitness studio determined to provide customized programs that yield successful, sustained results for its clients. 

As an all-inclusive personal training resource, the team at Tonicity Fit offers personal training programs organized by educated and nationally certified exercise physiologists to provide overall improvements in client wellness.

"Tonicity Fit offers a unique opportunity to make positive, progressive health and fitness gains without creating a substantial financial burden to its clients. We focus on health from the inside-out. We're definitely not a one-size-fits-all type of studio," says owner Sarah Ostroski. 

She says various Tonicity's training options, including private and semi-private sessions, are tailored to each client's needs. "It stands to reason that the very same boot camp delivered to those who are 25 years old shouldn't automatically be done for those 79 years old. Within large group training sessions is often how people are getting hurt. Too often, people are asked to sign waivers and then they jump unaware into large classes," she explains. 

Rather than training groups of 25 to 30, Sarah keeps Tonicity's groups limited to 8 or 10 people, so she and the other trainers can keep an eye on all of the participants' safety and progress. She says she writes a template every morning for each day's workouts, and each new client goes through a thorough assessment, which includes health status and fitness levels, after which Sarah writes a one-on-one exercise prescription for them. 

Attentiveness to goals is one of the keys to Tonicity's success in assisting clients. "We also provide extensive, customized exercise and wellness advice, which is derived from experiences of our trainers, and is grounded in a strong exercise science base," she adds.

The Tonicity Fit program fuses all five components of fitness:  muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition. Each component is evaluated and addressed for each client before starting their customized program. Pre-, mid- and post-program assessments are provided. Sarah says each client sees their progress and together the team addresses where improvement is or is not necessary.

As an exercise physiologist who's been working with holistic fitness approaches for the past 19 years, Sarah likes to tune into people's individual needs, including hormonal control and muscle recovery times. In fact, she specializes in working with females, particularly when it comes to bone density issues. "Many women haven't been informed through the years that strength training is what combats loss of bone health. Aerobics alone doesn't stimulate cells in bones, for example," says Sarah. 

"The overall goal of Tonicity Fit is to provide a positive and progressive setting where its community can grow and thrive in a well-founded, sound and effective environment," she assures. "We put science into practice while making it fun."

Sarah says she believes the studio also provides a bridge between gaps when people are recovering from injuries, with long-term approaches that are medically based and timed to assist recoveries at the proper frequencies.

New for 2020 is a Tonicity Fit online fitness training program, which includes frequent check-ins pertaining to goals. Sarah says she's also offering a fitness planner into which participants can record new goals within a custom fitness mastery program. "It's all about how to get ready for changes, including emotionally and spiritually. We plot how to plan it, and how to get comfortable with changing, just like a snake sheds its skin every so often," she proclaims. 


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