Top 5 Skincare Tips for the New Year

By Dr. David Balle

Top 5 Skincare Tips for the New Year

I always look forward to the New Year as a time for a fresh start.  A good skin care regimen with a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way to slow down the signs of aging and to be our best.   

These are my top five 2021 skin solutions that will leave you looking and feeling renewed all year:

  1. Have an American Board of Dermatology certified Dermatologist who has completed a 3+ year Dermatology residency do a complete skin exam annually.  This is a time to screen for skin cancer, receive treatment for skin diseases or conditions and learn about the best skin care regimen tailored for you.
  1. Make a new or renewed commitment for protecting your skin from the sun.

Some people think that it is okay to be outside in the sun if they aren’t “lying in the sun”. This is false. Skin protection starts with avoiding significant sun exposure year-round.  Wearing a hat to protect the scalp, face and ears and wearing sun protective clothing and sunglasses is essential if spending time outside.  A broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is very important (and don’t forget your lips and feet!). These measures not only protect us against skin cancer, but also an aged appearance.

  1. Be in tune to what your skin is telling you.  Proper skin moisture is important for your skin to maintain its balance and to look healthy. Lack of moisture can lead to itchy skin, visibly flaking skin, and skin breakdown.

If spots are changing, get them checked right away by a Dermatologist. Dr. Google never went to medical school.

  1. Seek a Board Certified Dermatologist for professional advice and help when pursuing skin care regimens, serums, injectable neuromodulators and fillers, and skin enhancing procedures. Spas, salons, someone who is not a physician and a physician who is not a Dermatologist do not have the knowledge of anatomy, bio-physiology and safety that a Dermatologist has about your skin. Don’t settle for less.
  2. Take good care of your skin as a part of a healthy you in 2021.  Remember that your skin is the first thing that people notice about you and that it needs attention, care and maintenance. Healthy skin also benefits from a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking and doing the best we can to manage stress.

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