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Top Agent, Top Mom

How the Roswell agent manages it all: family, a successful career and giving back.

Even with all the hard work it took for Angela Medley to make her name as a realtor in Roswell, her family has always remained her number one priority. That, and giving back to the community. Angela, a Georgia Tech graduate, received a master's degree in instructional technology from Kennesaw University. Before becoming a real estate agent, she spent eight years in the education sector for the largest virtual school in the state. She was tired of sitting at a computer daily. Her husband encouraged her to get into real estate because it would allow her to be around people and nurture her passion for buying and selling homes. It was a perfect fit, and she continues to succeed by using her community relationships, altruistic nature, and caring approach to clients. As Angela prepares to open a new shop on Canton Street, she sits down with Roswell City Lifestyle. She shares her journey to success, her passion for mentoring, and how her husband and three children have always inspired her.

RCL: Your approach to real estate is different. What do you think sets you apart?
AM: I offer exceptional service and attention to detail. Moving is very stressful, so I offer a peaceful approach that serves as an anchor in a time of chaos. I take anything I can off of my client's plates so they have less to worry about. And I stay connected with them forever so that they can call on me for anything.

RCL: Philanthropy is so important to you? What are your priorities for giving back?
AM: I'm passionate about the Children Development Academy because of its high-quality childcare for lower-income families. Years ago, I needed childcare to get my degree. Because of this place, I established a thriving real estate business. I am active at Roswell United Methodist and serve on various charity boards. I want to give back to my community because it has given me a wonderful place to raise my family.

RCL: Tell us about your passion for mentoring. 

AM: I have mentored people all my life and believe we are all called to mentor the next generation in some capacity. I mentor and encourage Georgia Tech students to find their career paths and continue to mentor newer agents in my office. 

RCL: What's next for your business? 

AM: My next goal is to spread that passion into forming a team of dedicated realtors who will serve their communities with radical service to others. And you might find me in a new location on Canton Street soon!

RCL: Tell us about your family and your secrets for having it all.  

AM: I have three children, Savannah (23), Nathan (21), and Jack (16). My greatest mission is to serve my family and ensure my children are prepared to go out into the world to grow and nurture their community one day. I do this by prioritizing my obligations and surrounding myself with people encourage me to remain balanced. I make my work events with things my family likes to do. And I don't do it alone. I rely on my three assistants to help with the workload. If I reached the top of my earning potential, but didn't have my family by my side, I would consider that a loss. My husband is also my biggest fan. His support allows me to do more than I ever thought possible. 

Full Circle: "In 1996, I was driving around looking for a wedding venue," she says. "I stumbled upon Canton Street and it was love at first sight. Roswell has had my heart ever since." As an active community member, she says that Roswell sets the standard for philanthropic work. "There are so many amazing community members."

Angela Medley, Realtor - Atlanta Fine Homes, Sotheby’s International Realty


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