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Top Dogs

The furry charity competition to find a dog that's paws above the rest

It’s hard to find a city that loves dogs, craft beer, and the outdoors more than Fort Collins. In fact, Top Dog itself was dreamt up one lazy afternoon, during one of Colorado’s unseasonably warm January days, on Odell Brewery’s back patio, watching two dogs play.  From its conception in early 2021, to its official launch in September, Top Dog has been a community labor of love that highlights some of why Fort Collins is so great. 

First and foremost, what is Top Dog? Top Dog is the search for 16 Dogs to compete in-the-fur at Odell’s Brewery, and ultimately, for one of the Top 16 to be crowned Fort Collins’ Top Dog!

The winning dog’s image is then designed into a label of an Odell beer, using Odell’s unique art style. This year, we’re not only immortalizing the Top Dog on an Odell beer can, but Odell is also brewing a specialty beer honoring the winner too!

In order to be selected for the Top 16, the pup’s profile must either be one of the top fifteen fundraisers over the summer or be chosen for our social media star spot! These Top 16 are selected from dogs all around Northern Colorado. If the dog and their human can be at Odell Brewery on September 25th, they can enter the contest. Profiles can be made and donations accepted up until midnight on August 31st. 

The top 16 went head-to-head in four rounds in 2021, with round one and round three being audience voting rounds. The rounds included the Mutt Strut: where all the dogs got to strut their stuff up on stage; The Boat Races: where the dogs had to wolf down treats as quickly as possible. Round 3 was Sinner and Saints - The dogs had to choose between their beloved owner calling to them, or the volunteer tempting them with the treat.

The final round was a story-telling competition between the final two, to let the audience get to know the dogs more personally and the owner got to share something special about their pup.

The Top Dog is then selected by our three celebrity judges. The team is especially excited because one of the confirmed celebrity judges is actress Daryl Hannah (from such films as Blade Runner, Kill Bill, Splash). While this year’s competition will be similar, expect variations on these games!

Did we mention all the money goes to a great cause too?

 All the money raised goes towards the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center and their mission to rescue and rehabilitate local wildlife.

There are always dogs at the breweries in Fort Collins.  In fact most places in this great city love and welcome dogs. This competition celebrates that love in our community. Top Dog is the ultimate Fort Collins contest because it reflects what makes this city so great - our community, our love for wildlife and all living things, and our support of our local culture. Fort Collins Top Dog combines these three great loves of Fort Collins into one silly contest. 

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  • 2021 winner Washburne
  • 2021 winner Washburne
  • 2021 winner Washburne
  • 2021 winner Washburne