Top Five Things To Do After Buying A New Truck

Hear from the experts at All About Trucks and Autos

When you buy a brand new truck, there’s a few things you need to do to get ready to ride. We talked with Daniel Morris, owner of All About Trucks and Autos, and he shared with us the top five upgrades to do once you pull out of the car lot. This list of upgrades covers everything you need from protection, comfort, and style.

Daniel would like to invite you to visit his showroom to explore available options and find out what works best for you and your truck. All About Trucks and Autos is located at 640 S Old Belair Rd. You can visit their website at or call Daniel at 706-855-8768. To stay up to date and to see pictures of previous work, follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @allabouttrucksllc.

Truck Bed Cover

Having a truck bed cover has many benefits. The most popular benefits are protecting the bed of your truck from the elements and preventing theft of cargo.

Window Tint

Having your windows tinted provides you with privacy, temperature control, and helps block bright sunlight.

Level or Lift Kit

Depending on what you bought your truck for, you’ll need either a lift or level kit. If you don’t plan to do much towing, getting a level kit will even out the truck and give it a nice look. If you’re wanting a tougher look and bigger tires, consider having a lift kit put on. 


When buying a new truck, you want to ensure that it stays clean. WeatherTech floor board covers are laser cut to fit your vehicle perfectly. They will help keep the carpet clean from dirt, mud, spills, and much more.

Ceramic Coating

Having a ceramic coat protects the exterior of your truck, makes it less prone to dirt and pollen, and water beads right off it.

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