TotalCare's Chief Happiness Officer

A Dog that Cares

Dog's Name - Bailey

Breed - Labradoodle

Age - 2 years  

How long has she been around Total Care?
She started working with us last November, so she’s a new employee. 

Where can you find her?
She usually travels to all of the facilities, so you can’t find her at any specific location, but she tries to make it to all TotalCare facilities fairly regularly.

How does she help the kids?
She loves all of our patients and team members, but she is especially happy to see kids! She is always happy to greet kids and she shows her excitement by her constant wagging tail. She has helped calm some of our patients, both young and not-so-young during visits. We recently had a young child who needed to have a skin procedure and was very scared. Bailey sat next to her and the patient was able to hold and hug Bailey instead of focusing on what the provider needed to take care of. 

Does she have a trainer?
She went to CMC Dog Training in Justin for an entire month in December.  We missed her greatly, but she came back a well behaved team member.

What's her favorite trick?
She isn’t really a fan of doing tricks, but she will entertain us because she knows she will get a treat out of the deal. 

What's her favorite treat?
Oh, this is a tough one.  Bailey likes all foods, but the funniest thing about her, is that she likes to eat pretty healthy foods.  Some of her favorite snacks are apples and carrots.  She will even eat broccoli, but she draws the line at mushrooms.  Bailey loves orientation days with our new team members because she usually can convince a few people to share their snacks and lunch with her adorable puppy eyes, and by using her technique of pawing at you to get your attention.

What are her favorite things to do?
Bailey loves to take walks, she definitely loves her snacks, but most importantly she loves to see people. Bailey listens for the alarm in the morning, and then she sits ever so patiently by the door to leave.  She can’t wait to come to work in the morning, and she will go around and greet every single person she sees. She doesn’t like to miss any opportunity to find a friend.

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