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Tour Amazing Remodels

Learn About The Possibilities Your Home May Offer

The MSP Home Tour is now in its 34th year and is one of the most anticipated events in the area. On April 29 and 30, between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., participants will be able to tour local homes, and see some of the wonderful revisions homeowners and/or contractors have made to create beautiful spaces. It’s a great way to get ideas for remodeling one’s own home.

“Last year, we had a total attendance of almost 1800 people, and that was right after the Omicron variant hit,” says Beatrice Owen, executive director of Minnesota’s National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). “The total number of visits to homes was 9,400. Participants typically visit just over six homes.”

NARI is the only association in Minnesota dedicated solely to remodeling. “We were excited to be given the opportunity to purchase the tour a couple years ago and to continue its long tradition,” she says. “Since it's also celebrating what we can do in our homes, it was a nice fit for our association.” 

Some of the homes may reflect a luxury renovation done by a high-end contractor, while others can be a more classic but lovely remodel completed by a talented homeowner. “Our home is our castle, it's a reflection of us, and it's typically our largest investment. If COVID taught us anything, it was to set up our homes so that they work for us and meet our needs.”

Visitors will be able to view houses that are using the latest SMART home technologies and/or are extremely energy efficient. “For our homeowners, it's a source of pride to show people their homes and let them get ideas about what they can do,” says Beatrice. For example, many people stick with neutral colors for their walls, but what if they can see how they would look in a bolder color? It may give them the confidence to try something different.   

“Let's say you have one of these classic bungalows in Minneapolis,” she says. “Typically, the kitchens are smaller, so what does a remodel on a kitchen look like? People can learn how the space may be enlarged or made more user-friendly.” They can also obtain recommendations for contractors. 

“This year, one of the homes is a duplex in the new Linden Green community, and it's pretty funky in a fun way.” The home boasts a rooftop deck, a floating staircase and many other unique amenities.  

Another home near Minnehaha Falls combines modern features and open spaces that flow seamlessly into existing living areas, and also demonstrates how to increase function and storage in a small space. 

Tours are free; no tickets are needed. To see available homes, go to the MSP Home Tour website, which is all new this year. Feel free to choose which homes to see beforehand and receive a personalized map to visit them. There will also be printed guides available in all of the libraries in Hennepin County.

"For our homeowners, it's a source of pride to show people their homes."