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photography by Patrick Robinson

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Tracy Lawrence

Mission: Possible

Becoming a Country Legend is an incredible (and for most) unimaginable dream. Creating a lasting legacy? Well, that's even more difficult. Tracy & Becca Lawrence have done both inside the music business and with Mission: Possible.  

A lot has changed in the music industry since Tracy Lawrence was a "new artist." Going back to those early days, how did you break through, persevere, and connect with fans? Radio and lots of live shows. I did 289 shows in my first full year on the road—some were two shows a day. Without radio, you had nothing. We were able to put out multiple songs a year on the radio to give the fans the ability to hear who we were.   

As a "pro's-pro" entertainer and a legendary voice in country music, What would you tell a new artist (or a young Tracy Lawrence) to help them on their way up to avoid pitfalls? To be focused on the music and not get distracted by the outside noise. It's easy to get caught up in the fame and the negativity that surrounds an artist, especially now with social media, but if you focus on the music and keep doing what you're doing, you can persevere. 

Your name, Tracy Lawrence, carries a lot of imagery: Country star, community-driven humanitarian, Father, and Husband. What do all of these have in common, and what drives you to excel in each of your efforts? These are all identities of who I am and who I have been for many years. Being passionate about what you're doing, no matter what it is, is what drives me to excel in these areas. 

What inspires you to be such a charity-conscious figure in our community? I really believe we are all called to give back. With all the great blessings I've had in my life, I really feel I am called to give back. 

To celebrate your 30th year in this industry, you started a 3-volume release: "Hindsight." It's an incredible volume of music featuring hit songs and new recordings. You did an amazing job coupling your hits with new releases; how difficult was it to pick how these releases flowed and what is your process for writing and recording this type of project? First of all, I've never done any project like this. It was a massive undertaking and overwhelming trying to figure out which old songs to include while weaving the compilations together. This project was so different that there was nothing normal about it. It doesn't conform to how I normally make a record.

 In 2006, you, along with your wife, Becca, started Tracy Lawrence "Mission: Possible," a non-profit Turkey Fry event that has raised over $600,000 for Nashville Rescue Mission and has fried over 6,400 turkeys, providing over 90,000 meals to the unhoused and food insecure people of Middle Tennessee. What was your initial thought in starting your Turkey Fry? The simple goal of driving awareness to the Nashville Rescue Mission and giving back to the community. When we started frying turkeys, it was just a few people from church who brought their own propane tanks and fryers. We bought a few birds to fry and handed out the food to those in need. The rest was history.

Can you describe how it feels to step back and look at the Turkey Fry and what you've accomplished with the help of friends and sponsors? The number of people you have impacted, fed, and provided hope to? We never imagined this event would grow into what it is today, but I am very proud of what we have accomplished, and I'm grateful for what we've been able to do and give back to the community.

Since the inception of Mission: Possible, you have added a Celebrity Golf tournament to bring more funds to the non-profit. How can people in our community help, volunteer, or be part of the amazing work your non-profit is doing? The best way to help is to go to our website and sign up to volunteer for the fry or donate to the cause. We are always learning about new organizations that are working towards the same cause, so we are always updating our website to be a resource.

Quick Fire Questions: 

Favorite Food: Italian 

Favorite song in your setlist (right now): Nothing Burns

Something you HAVE to have on Tour: Dr. Pepper 

If you weren't a country legend, as a profession, you would have been: working in radio or A&R department at a label

Artist you're listening to right now: HARDY

Tuesday, November 22nd's Turkey Fry will continue to provide turkeys to the Nashville Rescue Mission and the state's Family Resource Center's Thanksgiving Program in the following counties: Wilson, Davidson, Robertson, Smith, Sumner, and Trousdale County Schools,  Lebanon Special School District, and Murfreesboro City Schools. Across these districts, Mission: Possible will provide an estimated 800 turkeys and 9,600 cans of food. Following the Turkey Fry, a benefit concert will be held at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. Proceeds from ticket purchases are donated to Mission: Possible. For more information about Mission: Possible, including volunteering, donating, or sponsoring,  visit

  • photography by Patrick Robinson
  • photography by Patrick Robinson
  • photography by Patrick Robinson
  • photography by Patrick Robinson
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  • photo provided by Mission: Possible
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  • photography by Jordan Smith