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If you look, there's sure to be a trade show to your liking!

The old joke is that Minnesota only has two seasons – winter and construction season. Add a third one to that list – trade show season.

With a trade show to fit every whim, from January through April, there’s a veritable buffet of choices to suit anyone’s fancy. Sure, you can find trade shows to attend all year long, but that late winter through early spring window is the sweet spot for many exhibitors.


Rick Martinek, whose company Media Max organizes 11 area shows each year offers, “Most Minnesotan’s are either tired of being cooped up and want to get out or, they’ve had a chance to spend some time at home during the snowy months and see what needs updating. Our Home Improvement Shows and the Healthy Expos we hold around the metro area offer a chance to get out of the house and maybe find something people can use to fix their house or themselves. The shows are always well attended.”


In addition to the various Home Improvement shows and Healthy Life Expos, there are the well-known big-name shows at the Minneapolis Convention Center to attend, with some of these shows as anticipated as the State Fair. Examples are the upcoming Auto Show, held every March, the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show and the Golf Show, held in February, and the Boat Show that happens every January.


If you aren’t a fan of the big shows, there are plenty of smaller shows to check out. Eden Prairie has its annual Home, Landscape, and Garden Expo on Saturday, March 17. This event will feature over 100 exhibitors and vendors offering show specials on their services and products. Also, there will be a free area dedicated to children and families, with music, crafts, planning activities, entertainment and more.


Where do the exhibitors go to get ready for these trade shows? Many exhibitors rely on Do Tradeshow to make them look good at the show. Do Tradeshow is a local company that has been selling trade show booths and retractable banner stands since 1995. Christian Anderson Customer Relationship Manager at Do Tradeshow, says, “A big part of our business is helping local companies get ready for area trade shows. We know the venues, what customers need to look great, and often attend the shows to provide advice where we can. We’re fortunate that quite a bit of our business is from repeat customers.”

Whether thinking about going to a trade show this year or marking your calendars for next year, you have a range of choices. Use this information to mark your calendar for the shows mentioned here that catch your interest. Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in the main focus, a show is always a great excuse to get out of the house, if nothing more than for the people watching. If you are on the fence, just think of attending a trade show as a warm-up to the State Fair – it’s always fun!

Check the Lifestyle Calendar for dates and times of upcoming March Trade shows.

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