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Trailblazers in Our Communities

Bonnie and Kayla

We sat down with Bonnie Davis and Kayla Brown, the Executive Directors for the Fruita and Palisade Chamber of Commerce. They are both Trailblazers in our communities and are all about helping our businesses grow, and our towns thrive. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the interview!

Q) What do you love about the valley the most?
B) I love all the incredible natural beauty and diverse outdoor options we have here.
K) I love being able to go to the grocery store or order a cup of coffee and run into at least one person I know. 

Q) How have the Chambers benefited the community the most?
B) My belief is that the Chamber is an organization where businesses can support one another and in turn bolster the local economy.
K) In the last year, we welcomed 123 new businesses and hosted a multitude of networking events. We are continuously looking for ways to help our community grow!

Q) What is one challenge of being the Executive Director?
B) One of my biggest challenges of being the Executive Director for the Chamber is not having the time to connect with all our wonderful members in their business space.
K) My biggest challenge as the Executive Director was navigating through COVID. I stepped into this role in March 2020, the same week that the State of Colorado shut down.

Q) What is your favorite thing about your job?
B) My favorite part of my job at the Chamber is the people who make up and are involved in the Palisade community. There are so many wonderful humans who are working diligently every day to make this town a wanted destination. 
K) My favorite part of what I do is the connections I make. I have developed more than just business contacts. I am passionate about creating strong connections with my community.

Q) If Grand Junction had an NFL team, would you root for that team, or would you root for the Denver Broncos?
B) If Grand Junction had a team I would definitely root for them, however, I am always and forever a Denver Broncos fan.  
K) I don't want to have tomatoes thrown at me, but I do not bleed blue and orange. If Grand Junction had an NFL team, I would probably still root for the 49ers.

Q) What are your favorite activities outside of work?
B) My favorite things to do outside of work are: spending quality time with my family, and I love to vacation at the beach or to a stay-cation at a locally owned B&B and go on a wine tour with friends. 
K) I enjoy spending time at Powderhorn snowboarding with my family. We also enjoy camping, hiking, or soaking in hot springs. 

Q) This question is for those kids that are graduating this year. What job advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
B) The job advice I would give myself if I was 18 in 2022 would be to find something you love to do and learn how to make money doing it. If you don't know what you love, explore what is out there. 
K) My job advice to my 18-year-old self and any of those who are graduating this year would be, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!

Q) What is the biggest benefit of joining the chamber and who can be contacted for more information on joining?
B) The biggest benefit of joining the chamber is community connection and local business support. 
K) When you join the FACC, you join a force. We are here to support one another, build a strong community and help businesses thrive.

To find out more about joining (or a joint Fruita/Palisade membership) call (970) 858-3894 or 970-464-7458!