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Tranquility & Self-Care Await at Woodhouse Spa

Opt for a meditative soak or an ancient Indian treatment at this upscale spa in the Westbend district.

When you walk into Woodhouse Spa, you’ll notice light streaming into the lobby from large windows, high ceilings and a wonderful mixture of essential oils, all of which create a welcoming, calm vibe. General manager Tamika Broadus tells us, “clients will often say ‘it smells so good in here’ when they arrive for their appointment.” Tucked away amongst the upscale stores in the Westbend shopping district, Woodhouse offers classic services like facials, massages, wraps, healing soaks and nail treatments. They also offer unique services like the Shirodhara scalp treatment—an intense healing treatment that is designed to release tension and uses warm essential oil to align you with your Chakras. We had a chance to visit the spa and left with a sense of extreme well-being, not only from the tranquil setting but also from the attention and care of the staff. 

You’ll be led from the bright lobby into the heart of the spa upon arrival; immediately, you'll be able to feel the energy change. Low light guides you to the locker rooms, where a personalized nameplate, robe and sandals are waiting. Once you change, head for the tranquility room, where a staff member will bring you your beverage of choice—options range from mimosas to wine, herbal tea and more. 

With 15 treatment rooms, Woodhouse Spa has something for everyone. Choose a Recover & Renew package, which includes a sports therapy massage and facial, or opt to splurge on the Ultimate Reset, which includes lunch, a HydraFacial and a body wrap, or come in for a prenatal massage and a pedicure. The options are endless; the staff will work with you to create the perfect package.

The HydraFacials might be one of the most popular services offered at Woodhouse, but there are other tempting choices, like the Holistic Minktyi, which pairs hydration with acupressure facial massage, all-natural ingredients and probiotics, or the Illuminate, which includes dual-phase exfoliation, a soothing mask and a brightening vitamin C serum. There are also deep-cleaning treatments and anti-aging treatments. One feature we found to be unique is the option to add extra perks to your facial like collagen masks, CBD enhancements or facial cupping. 

Massages are in high demand as well. If you're looking for something unique, try the Himalayan Salt Stone massage. If you're looking for a body-healing treatment, select a Calming Retreat, which includes a full-body exfoliation, stone massage, neck and shoulder massage, acupuncture and even reflexology. Swedish massage and sports massages are also an option. 

There’s a clawfoot tub for the meditative mood soak, and there’s also a Vichy shower—Broadus’ favorite treatment room. “It gets so warm and steamy, and it allows for the pores to open, which is ideal for clay masks and other body treatments,” she says. 

Part of the Woodhouse Spa branding revolves around working with clients to help them choose treatments that’ll transform their mood (think Confident, Energized, Balanced, Calm, Connected and more) both during and after they’ve left. “From the aromatherapy to the care clients receive, this way of designing treatments will resonate with people who want to take good care of themselves,” says Broadus.  

The staff at Woodhouse is attentive and knowledgeable. Tamika has been there since they opened almost six years ago, and the service providers are experts in their field. “Our team is family oriented,” she says. “The majority of us have been here for a while. We love the brand and enjoy the services we offer.” And, when it comes time to book that restorative 120-minute massage, that skin-brightening facial, or a Litism LED therapy session—something Tamika notes is not found everywhere—you’ll want that level of dedication and expertise taking care of you. 

Visit them at 1621 River Run, #161