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Exploring Project 360 by Limitless Landscape: A full wrap around outdoor living transformation

Owners Alan and Liz Diaz founded Limitless Landscape in 2020 to provide excellent, detail-oriented, personalized attention for all their customers. Whether a small house or a big acreage, the aim is always to provide top-notch service while transforming outdoor spaces.

"We design everything," says Liz. This includes paver patios, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, water fixtures, pool decks, fireplaces, basketball courts, golf turf, and more. Offering such a wide variety of services, even lightning and tree services, Liz says Limitless Landscapes aims for customers to "Step out to the possibilities!"

One of Limitless Landscape's many projects is the Papillion Project 360, an all-encompassing landscaping project that redefines the outdoor living spaces around the entire property. The project begins with creating a connection paver pathway with an incrusted bubbling boulder for the front entrance and ends with a raised paver patio in the backyard. This patio's selection of stones, offering different colors and textures, provides a warm, welcoming charm to three different entertainment areas.

Beginning in the front yard, the paved journey concludes with a bubbling boulder, a water feature surrounded by polished pebbles. In this project, Limitless Landscape used a pink quartz crystal for the water feature so it will shimmer in natural lighting, creating a captivating focal point for the path.

With a natural flagstone path, this feature seamlessly blends with the project as you reach the backyard.

The backyard has a raised paver patio, a retaining wall, a seating wall, and pillars that harmonize with natural stone pillar caps. The seating wall encircles the centerpiece of this hardscape: a natural wood-burning fireplace. This cozy spot is perfect for enjoying winter evenings.

The patio design breaks down into three distinct areas: grilling, dining, and relaxing by the fireplace. To further enhance the space, Limitless Landscape installed a pergola with sun protection panels, which can be adjusted or retracted to filter the sunlight to the users’ comfort. This space serves as a hub for the backyard, with something to enjoy in every direction.

To the north, homeowners enjoy a waterfall feature that doubles as a birdbath surrounded by all-season perennials. The soothing sound of running water can be enjoyed from the raised patio, further enhancing the relaxing atmosphere. Meanwhile, a mulched bed of lilac bushes, layered perennials, and strategically placed moss boulders sit to the northwest. In its mirror to the southwest, a retaining wall encloses a charming front porch adorned with perennials in a raised garden bed.

To complete the transformation, professional landscape lighting highlights all the hardscape features, enhancing the property's beauty during the evening hours for homeowners to enjoy themselves or to create an inviting scene for guests.

As a family-owned and operated company, Limitless Landscape understands the unique needs of every property. They work within customers' budgets and treat each project with respect and courtesy. The positive feedback from their clients fuels their dedication to continually improve their services.

"We are proud of our outstanding customer service," says Liz, adding that the company offers discounts for all veterans and a 10-year warranty on its projects. "Please visit our website to read reviews, check our picture gallery, and find out all the services we offer!"

For further information on Project 360 and other projects from Limitless Landscape, a full gallery is available online at

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