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How KC Laser Lipo Clinic Transforms Bodies + Lives

Helps Patients Boost Confidence + Improve Their Health

Beth Turner lost a significant amount of weight a number of years ago, but she needed a jump start of accountability to continue to stay healthy when some of the pounds began to return recently. 

She sought out Dr. Shane Oliverius with KC Laser Lipo Clinic, and he offered her non-invasive body contouring procedures, a physician-supervised weight-loss program and chiropractic services. 

“I kept trying to do it on my own, but I didn’t have any motivation,” Beth says. “What I got out of it was my life back…I feel like me again.”

Dr. Shane’s background is in chiropractic care, and the primary focus of his clinic is to offer a weight loss program and body contouring procedures. 

The weight loss program has a high level of structure with daily accountability, and participants are screened before beginning the program. As a result, he says they guarantee participants will lose weight. 

The body contouring procedures use light to drain off fat cells in an FDA-approved process. He says the light tricks the fat cells into opening up and draining their content. The body then eliminates the fat through natural processes.

He says patients might come into his clinic with some extra belly fat they want to lose, but he and his staff often find that what they are facing runs much deeper. Patients are frequently having other associated health problems, and their relationships and social life are suffering. Losing weight and caring for their bodies helps them address these problems.

“Leading someone through a life-changing transformation is one of the most gratifying experiences that I can possibly fathom,” Dr. Shane says. “Our clients and patients so often tell us that nearly every aspect of their life is being affected by how they look and feel— it's a very personal thing for them. It can simply be that their closet full of nice clothes aren't fitting the way they want, or it could be that their valued relationships are suffering.” 

Patsy Barnes wanted to lose some weight around her midsection, so she signed up for body contouring procedures. She liked that the procedures were non-invasive, and she was impressed by the staff and customer service at the clinic. After a number of treatments, she began to notice a difference.

“I saw results in the way my clothes fit,” Patsy says. “I like the way my clothes fit and the way I feel. When you look good, you feel good.”

Dr. Shane says that he and his staff simply offer solutions that are effective.

“Our team of professionals are here to offer help and provide solutions, even when nothing else has worked,” he says. “At a minimum we are here to offer education, encouragement, ideas and solutions outside of our office if we can't provide the solution. When you truly care about the human being in front of you there is connection and a level of trust that is built almost immediately.”

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