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Transforming Spaces

Home is Where the Heart is

Article by Kelsey Galloway

Photography by Fireheart Photography

Originally published in Porter City Lifestyle

To many, art is considered taking something less than appealing, and making it beautiful. Often when people think of art, they think of painters, sculptors, perhaps even leatherworkers. Someone who is proficient at their art and creates beauty through their chosen medium. Home remodeling takes skill, imagination, and creativity to take something that is not particularly appealing and turn it into something awe inspiring. At Frazier Remodeling, that art is their passion, and something they have spent years honing and perfecting. They love remodeling a home and watching their customers fall in love with it all over again.

Chris Frazier, owner of Frazier Remodel, loves what he does. However, his start in the world of construction was less than happy. As a young child living in Nevada, Chris was forced to work in drywalling, in lieu of focusing on his education. Despite this pressure, he successfully graduated high school, which was a priority for him even if it was deemed unimportant by those who raised him. Chris moved to live with his older brother in California after graduating and began to look for employment. He ended up back in the drywall world, due to his knowledge and experience… something he never wanted to do again. While in California, he met his wife Allysa, who also came from a construction-heavy family background.

Covered in mud, with tape and screws in hand, Chris was approached by one of his employer’s clients, stating that she really enjoyed working with him and thought he was incredibly talented, but that didn’t care for his employer. She offered to invest in him if he wanted to go into business for himself. Taking a leap of faith, Chris agreed and started his own drywall company and ran it for thirteen years. After over a decade, he and Allysa decided they wanted to relocate to Texas. Rather than starting a new company, Chris took a job working for someone else to get his feet wet here in the South. It didn’t take long before people started noticing the commitment to his craft; Chris was approached by real estate agents that worked with his current company and encouraged him to branch out on his own., They noticed his exceptional attention to detail and easygoing nature. With another incredible leap of Faith, Chris established his own business here in Texas, and has been growing it for over seventeen years.

In 2016, when Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas’ Gulf Coast region, wreaking havoc, and causing devastation everywhere, five separate customers reached out asking him to take on a full-scale remodel of their homes. Chris agreed and worked hard to restore his customers’ houses and them back into their homes. This experience gave Chris the confidence to expand his company to become a full-service remodeling company and general contractor. He also added the additional service of flood mitigation. Because he cares deeply for his customers and knows that there is always the likelihood of another hurricane hitting this area, he sought a way to help protect them in the future as well with the additional services. Looking back, he would have never guessed that the job he despised so much growing up, one forced on him, would be the saving grace for so many dear customers, and the career that makes Chris and Allysa wake up each day eager to get to work.

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