Transforming Wellness Goals Into Reality

Advice Editorial: Kick New Year’s Resolutions To The Curb And Crush 2024 Health Goals

A top New Year’s Resolution every year is getting healthy and fit.

Studies show that 25% of those who make resolutions, drop off after one week. This increases to 29% after two weeks, 36% by month end, and 54% after six months.

In my experience, as a wellness and certified positive intelligence PQ coach, good intentions alone do not produce results. They must be followed by a solid plan and specific actions.

Stating that one will lose weight by eating healthy and going to the gym sets the intention, but doesn’t give a roadmap to get there. There are not enough specifics to provide guidance and accountability.

The same applies to going to the gym. Do you spend 30 minutes lifting weights or are you jogging on a treadmill? Your actions must be specific and include what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it, how frequently and who you will do it with, if applicable.

When goals are unrealistic, resolutions fail. For example, setting an unrealistic weight loss goal in a short period of time. Whereas, setting small, specific, realistic goals sets the individual up for success, creating positive reinforcement to continue with the behavior.

Resolutions often fail because of mindset. If losing a substantial amount of weight seems impossible, it is. What we think about, creates our belief system, which drives our behavior.

When working with clients, before we set goals and create an action plan, we focus on mindset, by identifying limiting beliefs that are sabotaging efforts to be successful. Once these beliefs are recognized and accepted as untruths, they can be replaced with helpful, encouraging thoughts that will drive positive behavior change.

For more practical tips to achieve wellness success, check out my best-selling book, From Burnout to Best Life, How to Take Charge of Your Health & Happiness, which is available on Amazon.com.


"Here's to crushing 2024 health goals!" ~Lisa Hammett, McKinney-based wellness coach and motivational speaker.

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