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Spruce Up Your Space with Plants

The Living Room: Colorado Springs' Green Thumb

“It so important to have plants in your home because it’s an indication that your home is a place you love to spend time in! I’m so passionate about plants because they really impact a space and have the ability to transform it,” explains Rachel Young, owner of The Living Room.

And speaking of living rooms, you shouldn’t be surprised to find this one full of life. The Living Room is a plant shop tucked away in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Step inside and you’ll find the whole place brimming wall-to-wall with vibrant and luscious greenery, boasting plants of every shape and size. “It almost feels like you’re in a jungle,” comments a customer in the store.

As a 4th generation green thumb, Rachel takes great pride in her treasured plant space.

“My whole family is in the business of plants, and always has been. This is just what we do,” Rachel says, smiling. Many people would even be surprised to know that her brothers own the very greenhouses where some of her in-store plants get their start. “Ultimately, my goal is to foster a space for both plants and people to thrive in. We want our customers to come into this space and feel like they’re home – hence the name!”

The staff at The Living Room is so passionate and knowledgeable about plants, they’ll know exactly the type of plants that will work for your home. Whether you have pets, west or east-facing windows, or want something low maintenance – there is a plant that is a perfect fit for every space and person.

"I was so inspired by this pop-up garden I visited one time, that I knew I had to bring my own version of it to Colorado Springs,” Rachel says. “I am a huge advocate of impacting your five-mile radius and this is how I wanted to impact my city.”

With two locations now, you can visit The Living Room both Downtown and up near Northgate.

Facebook: @thelivingroomplants
Instagram: @the_living_room_plants