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Baby to Teen Bedrooms

5 Easy Room Updates to Keep Up With Your Kids

As a mom of three and an interior designer, I can’t resist encapsulating every milestone of their childhood in design.  This meant I was constantly re-doing their rooms for every new trend or infatuation that stole their attention for more than one minute. In short, I was exhausted! My mind and money resources had reached their limit. Now on my third go-round, I’ve learned how to keep things fun and fresh, as well as easily updated. My kiddo’s spaces can now easily adapt as they grow, expand, and develop their own sense of style. Here are five easy ways to help you transition your child’s room from baby and toddler years all the way to those very opinionated and particular teen years. 

1)  Don’t start too small. Just because your baby is a tiny bundle of joy doesn’t mean everything in the room should also be miniature.  When purchasing furniture invest in pieces that will last and function for years to come.

2)  Be careful not to lock yourself into one particular style direction. Keep your big permanent pieces neutral colors. Trends are good in small doses, such as easily changed items like bedding or artwork. Stick with white, grey, black or natural wood tones as your backdrop. 

3)  Storage can be beautiful and practical.  As your child starts collecting more toys and clothes good storage is essential in keeping you sane and teaching them good organizational skills. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is both smart and soothing.

4)  As your child heads into more academically-challenging years it’s time to create a workstation or add a desk into their room.  By creating their own “work” area that they can organize as they like, it will foster a sense of control and help them transition into more self-reliant work habits. 

5)  We all need a space to call our own. Try creating a lounge space for your teen to chill out in.  Put a beanbag chair in the corner of their room or turn their twin bed sideways against the wall to form a sofa during the day. They’ll appreciate the privacy, and you’ll appreciate not having crumbs all over your sofa. 

I hope these tips inspired you to give your home a quick and easy makeover for your kids. Be sure to follow me on!

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