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Travel through Georgia: 3 Must-Read Books for the Summer

Here's a few books, written by Georgia authors, to liven up your summer reading list

Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell  

I believe we’ve all heard of Gone with the Wind before. It’s one of the great classics known for its romantic drama, memorable characters, and controversial portrayal of the American Civil War and Reconstruction era. The author, Margaret Mitchell, was born, lived, and passed in Atlanta, Georgia, and Gone with the Wind primarily takes place in Clayton County, Georgia.  

Summer is the perfect time to dive into this lengthy book! Depending on which edition you read, with almost 1000 pages, use those longer daylight hours to leisurely break through and completely immerse yourself in this novel. The story follows Scarlett O'Hara, a headstrong daughter of a wealthy plantation owner in Georgia. She is vain and manipulative yet undeniably determined and resourceful, and her unrequited love for Ashley Wilkes and relationship with Rhett Butler drive the majority of the narrative. These characters will definitely keep you on your toes! There were a few moments where the story would slow, but if you hang in there, it will pick up and deliver some amazing moments and life-changing lines! Plus, Mitchell writes with such a poetic prose, apparent with descriptive language that paints the setting, emotions, and characters for the reader. 

Time and Tide - Lenalee N. Robinson  

Time and Tide was written by Lenalee N. Robinson, an Augusta and Thomson, Georgia-native. The novel follows Lucy Nash who travels back in time to the year 1975! Along with her newfound friend, Cameron, they both investigate the suspicious disappearance of children in Langston, Georgia, a fictional town based on the familiarities of the town Robinson grew up in.  

This is a great read to take on this summer for teens and adults! The way time travel is written is amazingly plausible and makes it easier to fully engage in the story and enjoy. The suspense is great and make sure to hold on tight because the twist at the end will not only satisfy but keep you thinking long after finishing the book! However, don’t worry, the end of this book is not the end! Pick up the next book in the series: The Best of Times by Lenalee N. Robinson and read on!  

Paladin: The Story of Augusta's Fighter Ace (The Wars of Matt Tower) - by Charles W. Bowen  

Charles W. Bowen has lived in Augusta, Georgia his entire life! So, check out this recommendation as well as the sequel that has been released: Thorns in the Garden City (The Wars of Matt Tower) by Charles W. Bowen.  

Paladin: The Story of Augusta's Fighter Ace (The Wars of Matt Tower) follows Matt Tower, a skilled and daring fighter pilot from Augusta, Georgia, who sets off for England in the 1940s. He’s caught between the distressing conflicts of Nazi-occupied Europe and his beginning romance with British Women’s Voluntary Service member, Vivian Davis. As you begin this book, finish, and move on to Bowen’s second, you become witness to the growth of Matt Tower from a young pilot to a seasoned war hero, and it is a great journey to witness! And, to touch on  Bowen’s writing, his prose embraces this fast-paced nature which perfectly aligns with aerial combat and the chaotic nature of war. If you’re a fan of historical romance or would just like to read about a character familiar to home, you should check out this book! Moreover, if you’d like to read about another book by Bowen that touches even closer to home, Thorns in the Garden City (The Wars of Matt Tower) takes place in Augusta, Georgia after Tower has returned from  England!