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Style Won’t Matter if Your Luggage Gets Lost

Travel tips from personal experience

The rumors are true. Traveling in 2022 is a nightmare! I experienced it firsthand. I now endearingly refer to the adventure as the “Red Luggage Odyssey.”

Picture this:

My Greece vacation is finally here! I'm attending a six-day yoga retreat on the beautiful island of Amorgos, Greece. I am ecstatic! The retreat was postponed twice due to the global pandemic, and the time had finally arrived to enjoy this overdue vacation.

As a professional photographer, I typically travel with a carry-on ONLY! But I will be in Europe for ten days, so I make an exception. I decided to check in my luggage — BIG MISTAKE!

My flight from Las Vegas to Zurich was delayed, which caused a domino effect. I landed in Zurich as my flight to Mykonos was boarding. I had to run through the terminal just to make my connection. I arrived in Mykonos and prayed to the Greek Gods that my luggage had made it. Unfortunately, it did not.

Dressed in PJs and sandals (to be comfortable on the red eye), I waited in line to speak to an overwhelmed agent. Eventually, I’d be told that the airline is experiencing a high number of lost luggage, and they are unsure when I will receive mine. I started to panic. I was only in Mykonos for two days and had to catch a ferry to a different island. How was I going to get my stuff?

To make matters worse, I made a basic 101 packing mistake, which doubled as a photographer's mistake – I packed two of my professional lenses in my check-in bag. I was so disappointed in myself as I knew better than to pack any valuable items for check-in luggage.

I arrived at the hotel and told my concierge that I had no toiletries or clothes. Thankfully, Mykonos is the Las Vegas of the Greek Isles, and I was informed that stores stay open late, and I could find everything in Little Venice. Therefore, I went on a shopping adventure for a change of clothes, toiletries, and a bathing suit.

I continued on with my trip, still waiting for notice of my luggage. I borrowed friends’ clothes and made do. Fast forward to the end of my trip, I finally received my luggage on my last day in Greece.

The experience was unique and one I will never forget.

However, with this in mind, I wanted to share some important travel tips, so you don’t have the same fate:

1. If you can travel with just a carry-on, do so!
2. Always pack your medications or any important items in your personal bag.
3. Pack your essential toiletries, change of clothes, undergarments, and swimsuits in your carry-on.
4. NEVER pack any Valuables in your check-in bag!!!
5. Always exchange currencies before traveling to have the current currency ready.
6. Purchase luggage tracking devices online – for example, AIR TAGS.
7. BUY the travel insurance! They will reimburse more than the airlines.
8. Make the best of your circumstances

9. Be flexible, adapt, and overcome. 

10. Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy your vacation!