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Travel With a Plan

Tips and Tricks from My Haven Travel By Cruise Planners

With 12 years of travel industry experience, the owner of My Haven Travel By Cruise Planners, Kendra Healy, has a record of bringing unique experiences to every trip planned.

Considering herself a travel concierge, Kendra is more than your average travel planner; she is your passport to a world of travel tips, packing prowess, and seamless planning.

We sat down with her to discuss travel tips and tricks to ensure that your next trip will turn your wildest dreams into tangible adventures.

CL: When packing for trips, what do you recommend clients prioritize to ensure smooth travel from start to finish?
Kendra: First of all, you should always plan your outfits ahead of time and align everything with the weather you will encounter. If you are going somewhere with a rainy season, bring a raincoat.

By planning your outfits, you can determine what you can mix and match in your suitcase, which reserves room for extra shopping. Packing cubes are great for organizing a single outfit and its accessories.

Put heavy items in the bottom of your suitcase. I always recommend hard-shell roller bags because soft cases, though great for expansion, are not ideal for weathering and damage protection.

When you go international, always research and bring your international chargers. Make sure you have all your documentation in one place that is easy to reach. Be sure to take photos of all documentation in case you lose it.

Lastly, always research the embassy of your destination and add its contact information to your phone.

CL: What expert tips can you share with our readers?

Kendra: I always tell clients to understand what they consider luxury or relaxation. Whether you crave the serenity of secluded beaches or the thrill of bustling city streets, this information can help you pinpoint your travel must-haves.

If you want to be cost-effective, have your agent look at off-season versus high-season trips.

Let your travel agent book your airlines, rental cars, and hotels directly for you versus going on a secondary site to book.

The reason is that if something happens, you have to go through the secondary vendor to resolve issues. They may have fine print that could incur additional fees for rescheduling or rebooking canceled flights.

Booking packages could be cost-effective, but you also face the risk of unforeseen circumstances.

**ALWAYS BOOK TRAVEL INSURANCE**. Life happens—you never know what can happen tomorrow.

Travel agents can help you find the best price while helping you understand each risk.

Another tip: contact the credit card companies you will be traveling with so you won't get stuck unable to use them if they put a security block on them.

If traveling internationally, make sure your cell provider offers the best international rates.

CL: What are the benefits of working with a travel agent?

Kendra: It’s worth pointing out that there are different types of travel agents. Not all are the same.

Some agents prioritize higher commissioned partnerships over creating a valuable experience for the client.

However, a curated boutique experience can be worth it.

Whether you are seeking solace in the mountains or chasing sunsets on sandy shores, let Kendra be your compass in the vast sea of travel. Your adventure begins here.

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