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Travel with Good Taste

Culinary Latitudes Cooks Up World Class Experiences

Ever dreamed of having sushi while sitting on a yacht in Japan? Imagine yourself and your significant other having the finest Italian food on the Amalfi coast? Or what about high tea while cruising up the Thames in London? Luckily, there’s a local luxury travel outfit that can bring those ideas to life. Culinary Latitudes is a one-stop-shop for planning the vacation of your dreams--with a food-forward focus! 

“We plan and detail luxury travel experiences, but we do it through the lens of a food with a culinary framework,” explains owner Rhonda.

Culinary Latitudes personally craft their experiences with the well-heeled foodie in mind. They work with famous chefs and partner with the James Beard Foundation to ensure a quintessential travel and food experience every time. 

“In this type of experience, someone is handed their favorite cocktail as soon as they step onto the boat. Their eyes are immediately met with the destination of their dreams,” says Rhonda.

Envision sipping a Singapore Sling while ported in Singapore, or Champagne while gazing at Monaco. With multiple years under her belt in the travel industry and a strong passion for culinary excursions herself, Rhonda is well seasoned (no pun intended) and has both the resources and connections to produce a one of a kind experience. 

While many of the experiences are based on yacht and cruise lines, the possibilities don’t stop there. Land tours are also an excellent option that Culinary Latitudes employ in their travel repertoire. Touring olive farms in Italy, cheese producers in Greece, or maybe the Bordeaux wine country of France are great examples. The experience combinations are only limited by imagination. Rhonda is able to combine a client’s budget with their cultural and culinary interests and turn it into an enviable voyage. A travel service like Culinary Latitudes is catered towards the traveler who works hard, plays hard, and has impeccable taste, figuratively and literally! So if you have been daydreaming of a gastronomic getaway that would make Gordon Ramsey jealous, then let Rhonda be your muse. The world is your canvas. Bon Voyage and Bon Appétit!

Culinary Latitudes

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