Traveling Bees

Lockhart Honey Farms Keeps Bees Comfortable Year Round

A cute bear in a red shirt gets stuck in a tree, and then again and again because of his deep affinity for the sweet, sticky honey of those tirelessly working bees.

A bee spends hours turned months buzzing around, collecting nectar while pollinating our plants, turning their harvest into a silky, delicious treat, proving them impressive. It’s not until one works with bees, removing a single frame from the hive that realizes the amount time consumed to make a small portion of honey. Bees are diligent and keeping them thriving on any level is intensive work. It requires volumes of knowledge, care, and attention to detail.

Lockhart Honey Farms is a family-run business and the effort they make to keep their bees happy and customers enjoying honey is near altruistic.

Keeping bees at high altitudes is tricky. Keeping them warm in the snaps of cold that Colorado Springs experiences isn’t impossible, however, close. So, the bees representing the Lockhart name spend more time traveling than they do at home. Their itinerary includes an extended stay in Texas, a long drive to California for a season in the almond orchards before they return to Colorado with Leo, the master beekeeper, and Laura, the master bookkeeper and business manager.

The only honey harvested for consumption is that which is made while in Colorado. Honey produced while traveling is kept for the bee’s living quarters and food supply. But it’s not just the bees who are traveling. The Lockharts pack up their family and travel with their hives.

Leo started the business in 2016, following in the footsteps of his father. Laura signed on for the growth of the business. If you’ve consumed the brands Rice Honey or Local Hive, you’ve indulged in the hard work of the Lockhart family. While they sell big-batch honey, they also serve Ollie’s Deli, Loyal Coffee, and HonniBrook in Castle Rock. Connecting with this community in a deeper way is a gift to the Lockharts. The efforts in the operation of their company, the individuals hired, the commitment to their hives is kind and impactful. Maybe even the harder way sometimes, but it adds something to the storyline.

Perhaps they’re not too different from the cute bear, valuing the work of the bee and harvesting it to enjoy. But instead of keeping crocks for themselves, they’re working hard to spread that local, natural sweetness to us.

Website: https://lockharthoneyfarms.com/
Facebook + Instagram: @lockharthoneyfarms

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