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H & B Gallery's History of Fine Art and Antiques

Walking into H & B Gallery is quite an experience.  Regardless if you love fine art and antiques or not, the building which has called 27th and Hennepin home for the past 30 plus years boasts three levels and over 15,000 square feet of history.  Offering a vast array of furniture, lamps, silver, fine china, estate jewelry, sconces, figurines, chandeliers (and the list goes on) the H & B Gallery space tells tales of lives and adventures once lived. Be prepared to get lost; not only in the beauty of the items, but because there is so much to study and admire in this maze of treasures.  H & B Gallery started almost 40 years ago with estate sales around the Minneapolis city lakes area.  Later, it expanded when co-owners Tony Scornavacco and Mike Garret took it over in the early 90s.  Part of their experienced team, is Jonathan Campbell, who has been involved for nearly 30 years carefully helping to manage, select and price special items that find their way to H & B Gallery in hopes of a new home and a new story.

Jonathan says that most customers are surprised at the large space and number of items they house and display.  “Most people need to come back because they don’t have enough time,” he comments. And while a lot has remained the same over the years, the one thing that has evolved is the quality of the merchandise.  H & B Gallery takes in the best, but, Jonathan and the team take time to sort and price things right. Jonathan says they have customers from all over the U.S. contacting them for rare and unique items.   

New pieces come in daily, and the hot items get posted via social media on H & B Gallery's Instagram and Facebook.  If someone is looking to consign items, have them appraised, or determine whether or not an estate sale is needed, Jonathan says the best way to contact the H & B Gallery team is via phone and email.  Since Covid hit, they have seen a boost in sales and activity. Jonathan remains optimistic about where the business is headed and believes there is still a solid place for the secondhand market.  The up-and-coming generations who appreciate antiques, and are interested in high quality at a reasonable price will find H & B Gallery hard to resist.  It really is worth the trip in person, but make sure to allow enough time for browsing every level.  One can get caught up imagining the history of each piece, who owned it, and its tradition and construction. Jonathan sums it up perfectly with, “If these walls could talk, you would not be able to hear yourself.”

More info at 2730 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis or 612-874-6436.

Facebook: @HBGallery    Instagram: @handbgallery