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Treasure Trove for All Things Outdoors

Mountain Equipment Recyclers: Breaking the Barrier to Outdoor Recreation

Ski. Ride. Camp. Hike. Fish. Cycle. Climb. Paddle.

Coloradans are no strangers to the countless outdoor escapades our beautiful state has to offer. Combine a collective love for the outdoors with our city’s knack for community involvement and it would be tough to find a business more befitting Colorado Springs than Mountain Equipment Recyclers (MER).

MER is a treasure trove for all things outdoors. As a retail and consignment outdoor gear store with a mission to “redistribute the reward,” it offers both new and used high-quality outdoor equipment. Camping, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, running, climbing, fly fishing, canoeing/kayaking... this outfitter is fitted with the stuff of a Colorado adventurer’s dreams.

Good Cause

Founded in 2010, owner Mike Mazzola opened a consignment gear shop with the goal of supporting military non-profits and giving back to relief programs that assisted PTSD-affected soldiers returning from combat. It wasn’t long before additional nonprofits began rallying behind the cause. In return, MER’s outdoor gear quickly became the currency of a community.

Now partnering with countless charitable organizations in the Colorado Springs community, MER has given over $100,000 to local charities and continues to break the barrier to outdoor recreation through its intentional sales, bridging sustainability with purpose and fostering the community’s inevitable love for the outdoors.

Beginning in 2017, MER took its initiative a step further, selling the business to local nonprofit Kids on Bikes, which enabled MER to operate as a social business. That meant 100 percent of their net profits could be directly dispersed to charitable causes. Partnering with Kids on Bikes also allowed MER to bring in the Pedal Station Community Bike Center; MER now houses the largest selection of quality preowned and refurbished bikes in the area.

Choose Where Your Dollars Go

“What makes MER unique is the fact that people have a vote about where their dollar goes,” explains General Manager Ryan Gentges. “Whether they donate or consign with MER, they get to choose which partnering foundation benefits from the profits of their item. As a veteran myself, I find great intrinsic value in MER’s mission to bring awareness and recognition to the work local charities are doing.”

So, the next time you’re planning an outdoor adventure, outfit yourself at MER and know that every penny makes all the difference to the community around you.

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