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Flea market finds

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Making Treasures Your Own

Heirloom jewelry should be celebrated, not tucked away in a box!

My mother cherished her herringbone 24-carat gold chain she bought on QVC in the 80s and she passed it on to me one recent Christmas. I don’t wear gold, so I gave it to my daughter the following year as a gift for her graduation. It really means something special to my mom to see her granddaughter enjoying the necklace she loved to wear so often.

Do you have a special piece of jewelry that was handed down to you from a cherished relative? What do you do with it, how do you wear it, or how do you incorporate it into the current trends with your style? 

Whether inherited or purchased at a flea market, jewelry can be that bit of sparkle that adds pizazz to any ensemble. Do you have a rhinestone or colored stone brooch sitting in your jewelry box? Wear it on your lapel, or even a beret or knit hat. And if you have a piece that you aren’t wearing, pass it on to your next generation - they might find new ways to wear it!

Jewelry is always in fashion, and the latest trends are showing us that brooches are having a moment! Pearls when styled right, or layering up chains in either silver or gold are trends for fall. Stacking rings can be your style, or one single gold band can be so chic.  When looking for vintage, look for designer names. A Chanel pin is so versatile that it can be worn on a denim jacket or a velvet evening coat.

Women who find themselves marrying for a second time might have jewelry given to them by a previous spouse. Jewels have energy surrounding them, and should be cared for with love and respect for the stone itself, not always the sentiment of the giver!

“I have a diamond heart necklace from my first husband. It was the first gift he gave me and out of all the jewelry including my previous wedding ring that is the one item I kept. Out of respect for my current husband, I don’t wear it but it hangs in my jewelry box as a reminder of a previous part of my life,” says Alicia Burroughs. 

Accessorizing with jewelry can mean a little sparkle here or there, or in the case of Coco Chanel, rows and rows of pearls. It does not matter if they are real or imitations, try to collect pieces that are meaningful to you as if inherited from a cherished relative or even objects that you might hand down to your descendants when you are finished with them.

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