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Treat Your Home to Anew Room

Upscale Consignment Store Offers Fun, Affordable and Eclectic Pieces

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

Photography by Terry Fravel

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

Like an artist with a blank canvas, reimagining a new living space is exciting and full of options. New hues and styles of furniture items, accent pieces and decor can transform an old space into a new retreat. This refresh can come with a hefty price tag, but if you’re looking for upscale finds without the anticipated retail cost, Anew Room awaits. Daily arrivals bring unexpected treasures, from classic sofas to one-of-a-kind paintings. 

Anew Room, located at 5158 Whipple Ave. NW is an upgraded shopping experience compared to the traditional consignment store. Offering high-end items commonly found in designer furniture storefronts, along with original works of art, imported items, antiques and wares for those who appreciate sophistication, the store offers items ranging in price from $5 to $5,000.

Ruthanne Wilkoff, founder and owner of Anew Room, is also a well-known realtor in the community who identified a need with a solution. 

“Since I began working in real estate, it was a dream to open a store. I wanted to find a home for the high-end items that homeowners have decided to part with,” she says. “Many people, especially those moving out of state, want to take a few of their things with them but ask me what they should do with their other belongings. I knew there was nothing around here like this. I wanted a store that offered goods that were pre-owned without damage or blemish. We carry original pieces of art, high-end home furnishings and better value than a retail store. ”

Ruthanne enlisted the help of a friend, retail expert and interior designer, Sam Messerly, who is the general manager of Anew Room. He is also the gatekeeper who maintains the highest standards. He knows the store’s clients and ensures the availability of items that meet their tastes while also maintaining a pulse on trends and market demands. He works with a network of consignment stores from California to Ohio as well as consignors from across Stark and Summit counties – some new and some who have been consigning for many years.

“Our customers know the type of products we carry, and with supply chain challenges affecting many people, they are not waiting. The products [and] materials they’ve ordered aren’t arriving, and our customers know they have a choice. So, they are coming to Anew Room. They are getting a better value for their money spent,” he explains.

The store carries a variety of contemporary, traditional and crossover items often at a savings of 40% -70% off retail. Some of the more unique items include paintings, etchings, metal artwork and even cool vintage pieces like a 1920s slot machine.

Common designer brands include notable names like Bernhardt, John Richard, Uttermost, Marge Carson and Arhaus, to name a few, and items are in like-new condition.  

“I make it a point to know our consignors and clients. If we get a unique piece in the store, I will call a customer to let them know if I think it might be a good find for them. People appreciate honesty and recommendations. We’re not a normal consignment store. We carry original pieces of art and other rare finds. That’s what makes us who we are,” he says.