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Everyone deserves a spa day

Article by Lauren Smith, Wendy Sack

Photography by Total on 1st, Elements Health & Wellness Spa

Originally published in Cullman City Lifestyle

Everyone, yes, even you, dear reader, deserves to be pampered, especially after the stress of the holiday season. Some people believe that going to a spa is an indulgence they can’t entertain. Not true! There are many spas in and around the Cullman area that are just waiting for you to walk through the doors. Whether you just need to unwind, want to learn more about health and skincare or are simply yearning to treat yourself (and maybe your best friends?), there is a spa out there for you.

Here are two that we recommend.

Elements Health & Wellness Spa – Cullman

Elements Health & Wellness Spa in Cullman is dedicated to providing its clients with a relaxing environment, safe and effective treatments and friendly service. It offers a wide variety of services, including Cryoskin body contouring treatment, sports therapy, nutrition response testing, whole food supplements, energy medicine, a salt chamber, bioDensity, Power Plate, CBD gummies, homeopathic remedies and a traditional wellness spa.

According to Elements, “Whether your goal is to relieve your body of aches and pains that have been plaguing you or to have glowing, radiant skin, we can recommend the solution that's best for you.” (www.cullmancryoskin.com)

Total on 1st – Birmingham

Total on 1st, located only 40 minutes away in Birmingham, Alabama, is a first-class spa staffed with expert aestheticians, skincare specialists and medical providers tasked with creating individual treatment plans tailored to your body’s specific needs. It offers a variety of advanced, non-invasive services, such as massage therapy, body contouring, chemical peels, cosmetic injectables, facials, waxing and more.

You can also book a couples’ retreat or even a private spa party— the perfect idea for a girls’ weekend of pampering. It is the perfect spot for an easy but luxurious getaway, with achievable and efficient methods for complete satisfaction and relaxation. (www.totalon1st.com)

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