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Treating the face and body while comforting the mind

Local med spa seeks to help clients boost their confidence and look their best

We all face insecurities about how we look from time to time, and people desire places that specialize in improving what they see in the mirror. As a full-service med spa offering CoolSculpting, Xeo Laser Services, HydraFacials, facial injections, chemical peels, and Secret RF microneedling, Eastland Face and Body proudly says it is Kansas City’s best-kept med spa secret.

“What sets us apart is that we have a really talented staff,” says Michelle Richardson, spa manager. “All of our staff is medically trained.”

The spa’s medical director is Dr. Jonathan Patterson, a private practice general surgeon with United Surgical Associates of Kansas City. In addition, Dr. Patterson is currently serving the community as a Missouri State Representative, and he seeks to serve around the world through opportunities in surgical medical missions.

Eastland Face and Body is known for its affordability, and its most popular service is currently CoolSculpting. As another notable service, their Secret RF microneedling uses a fractional radio frequency microneedling system that is designed to stimulate and remodel collagen and address common signs of aging. It is especially designed for patients with acne scarring and stretch marks.

“We get a lot of people who come in and are concerned about a certain condition they have or how they are starting to age, and we try to address what they are trying to achieve realistically,” Michelle says. “We can’t turn back time, but we can improve on some of the issues they are having.”

Michelle says they work to help restore confidence in clients by listening to them and not going overboard with treatment. Being honest about exactly how they can help and what the client can afford is also an integral part of the discussion.

She says their aestheticians are skilled at developing trust with clients as clients often open up about their self-image with their aesthetician in a way they wouldn’t feel open to discussing with others.

Aesthetician Veronique Cueva says everyone struggles with self-confidence at times, and the main key is to not compare yourself with others. She emphasizes everyone’s skin and progress is going to be different, so it’s important to set individual goals and expectations.

Overall, she talks with clients about their goals and what they desire to achieve. When clients have concerns about a specific area of their body, she tells them to take it one day at a time in terms of measuring progress.

“I try to match their goals with what we can offer,” Veronique says. “We don’t try to sell them on things they won’t benefit or need.”

She says another key to self-confidence is simply living a stress-free and happy life.

“I find (my job) rewarding because I love helping people look their best,” Veronique says. “It fulfills my satisfaction knowing I help boost people’s confidence in themselves.”

While most of their clients are women between the ages of 28 and 70, they are also serving a growing number of male clients.

As one of these male clients, Joel Cushing said his fiancé found Eastland Face and Body for him, and he completed several sessions of laser hair removal.

“The staff is awesome,” Joel says. “I had really great results with the hair removal.”

In addition, Joel says his fiancé got a membership and has enjoyed some HydraFacials.

“They offer a wide variety of treatments,” Joel says. “They are a one-stop shop.”

The spa likes to emphasize that when one takes measures to do something about what makes them insecure, it increases confidence. They offer a la cart services in addition to monthly memberships, and financing is available. 

Located across from Costco in Independence, the spa has been in business for about four years. They hope to open another location on the Kansas side in a couple years, Michelle says.