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Effortless is What's Popular in Hairstyles for Fall

Article by Melinda Briscoe

Photography by Anthony Fergola and Prestige Salon

Originally published in Lawrence City Lifestyle

Autumn brings a collective sigh of relief after the dog days of summer. The beachwear gets laundered and tucked away until next year. Flip-flops are no longer the favored footwear. And many of us want to make an update to our tresses once the days get a little cooler and shorter.

Hairstylist and educator Breanna Bell of Prestige Salon, says, “There are several terms that are being used a lot right now. One of them is lived in, and the other is effortless. This is a shift from the structured ideals we had in years past. The mindset now is more ease of daily care.”

Often when people speak of changing their hairstyle in or after September, it’s an alteration of color. Warmer, darker tints are usually favored in the fall. The colors denote an unwinding of the scorching temperatures and a loosening of what can be frenetic about summer.

Bell explains, “Whereas we used to see an all-over color, which can be harsher on the hair, now something called Balayage is gaining traction. It is a technique utilizing natural root color, so there is a natural fade as it grows out. It can be done on all hair types.”

The lived-in movement stresses education toward healthier hair. It centers around giving folks a style they can maintain with relative ease while cultivating stronger hair. After the stresses of summer sun and heat, repair and rejuvenation are paramount. Many stylists are now using their knowledge to teach their clients to care not only for specific styles but also for hair integrity and growth.

Bell says braids are still very popular as a protective style for clients with curly, textured hair. Of the many types of braids gaining popularity, Dutch Braids are often requested. They are similar to corn rows but are not as tightly braided. And when it comes to cuts, more people are asking for the long bob.

Bell notes that one thing seems to be in style no matter what: “Right now, regardless of cut, my clients almost always ask for some type of face-framing. This can mean bangs or just a few pieces on the side. But even with blunt cuts, women want something that will give their face some softness.”

  • Prestige Salon owner Breanna Bell
  • Prestige Salon owner Breanna Bell
  • Prestige Salon owner Breanna Bell (right) with her sister, fashion designer Catherine Bell

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