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The Future of Knee Replacement Surgery

Anytime a robot is mentioned, it’s common to think that a human is being replaced, but when it comes to robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery, that is definitely not the case. The ROSA Knee System, currently offered to TRIA Orthopedics patients, is a tool that gives surgeons the ability to offer greater accuracy and precision. And like the traditional knee replacement procedure, it’s another great option for patients hoping to shed chronic knee pain and get back to a more active lifestyle. 

“Specializing in hip and knee replacement has let me devote my career to improving people’s lives,” said Dr. Christine Pui, an orthopedic surgeon at TRIA. “I welcome any technology which assists me on that mission – and from my hands-on experience, the ROSA appears to be exactly that when it comes to total knee replacements.”

TRIA’s approach to orthopedic care is just as scientific as you might imagine, which is why their surgeons abstain from claiming that robotic-assisted knee surgery is revolutionary. It would be too much praise to lavish on a technology they have only just recently adopted. But caution does not curtail Dr. Pui’s optimism that the ROSA Knee System will soon become a popular option for patients.

ROSA Knee combines multiple cameras with optimal lens tracking to follow the patient’s leg throughout surgery. If the patient’s leg moves – however slightly – the system’s robotic arm adjusts so the procedure can remain as precise as possible.

Robotic assistance adds heightened mathematical accuracy to knee replacement surgery. In addition to taking X-rays, orthopedic surgeons have always measured knee extension, flexion and balance before and after each procedure. With the ROSA, TRIA surgeons are now able to track those measurements during procedures as well. 

“That’s why the technology is especially promising for patients who have challenging needs, such as severe osteoarthritis or prior trauma or surgeries to their knees,” said Dr. Pui.

“I was TRIA’s first patient to receive ROSA knee replacement surgery,” said Kathy Connelly. “I had developed rheumatoid arthritis to a point where I literally could not bend my knees. I had to keep my legs straight when I walked, and the pain was so intense that I had given up just about everything I once enjoyed doing. I couldn’t even get up from a chair while I was holding my six-month-old grandson.”

Kathy had both of her knees replaced in 2022. Her left knee replacement was performed using the traditional surgery. The second surgery was done with assistance from the ROSA Knee System. 

“I had a shorter recovery period after my second surgery, and even months after both surgeries I notice significantly less stiffness in my right knee,” Kathy said. “I appreciate that my left knee had been in worse condition, but I do believe the outcome from the robotic-assisted procedure is better all the same.”

The best news is that Kathy is feeling improvement in both of her knees. 

“It’s like night and day,” said Kathy. “I’m back to volunteering at Lakeview Hospital. I’m gardening again. I can even chase after my grandson – not at a full sprint, but he knows grandma is always right behind him.”

Dr. Pui doesn’t believe that robots will make human surgeons obsolete, but she is excited that the TRIA team is at the forefront of this technology.

“I often speak to recent patients who are delighted to have resumed their normal lives, walking down the street without pain, getting up from chairs without assistance, or just playing with the dog. These may all sound like small accomplishments, but helping patients do these things without pain is why I became an orthopedic surgeon.”

TRIA combines research, education and the latest technology to provide life-changing orthopedic care, sports medicine, physical therapy and same-day surgery at locations throughout the Twin Cities area. TRIA’s orthopedic center at 8100 Northland Drive in Bloomington is located only 15 minutes away from Eden Prairie. You can learn more about the robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery option at

  • Dr. Christine Pui, MD

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