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TRIA Orthopedics

Urgent Care • Sports Medicine • Hand and Joint Services • Physical Therapy • Same-Day Surgery • Diagnostic Imaging

TRIA was conceived with a singular goal: to provide comprehensive, convenient and compassionate care for all conditions relating to bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues.

Founded in partnership between Park Nicollet Health Services, University of Minnesota Physicians, and The Orthopedic Center, TRIA opened the doors to their original Bloomington campus in 2005. Since then their all-encompassing approach to orthopedic care has expanded to several additional locations throughout the greater Twin Cities area.

“We are driven by a passion to help our patients get back to what they love doing most,” said Steven Housh, vice president of operations for TRIA. “To many that’s performing in high-level athletics, and several of our doctors do regularly treat members of the Twins, the Wild and the Whitecaps as well. But enjoying simple, day-to-day activities is no less important to many of our other patients. That’s why we are just as happy to learn that one of our patients can resume working in their flower garden or playing with their grandchildren as we are about another patient’s return to the spotlight at the Xcel Energy Center.”

“Our patients certainly take comfort knowing that our doctors also care for professional athletes,” added Dr. Thomas Walsh, senior medical director for TRIA. “Even if you aren’t a fan of sports, you would still rather receive treatment for a shoulder injury from a doctor who works with major league pitchers, whose shoulders are worth millions of dollars. But as Steven said, our doctors and I draw no distinctions between our patients. 

“So much about our quality of life depends upon our ability to move about freely. When I began practicing medicine, I quickly appreciated how commonly orthopedic injuries occur – and how greatly they impact people. I was drawn to orthopedics because I understood how much immediate good I could do in this field of medicine. All of TRIA’s doctors feel this way, and the immense gratitude we receive from our patients every day is truly heartening.”

“Offering superlative orthopedic care calls for more than just passion,” continued Steven. “From the very beginning, we have strived to enhance the experience we present to our patients in every possible way.

“We are especially proud of our walk-in care. Although we do offer the option to schedule appointments, the urgent nature of orthopedic injuries often demands immediate medical intervention. Our Orthopedic Urgent Care locations, which are open from 8am until 8pm seven days a week, are always available for walk-ins. They are fully staffed by medical doctors who are standing by to provide a complete examination, order onsite diagnostic imaging including MRI, digital X-ray and ultrasound, interpret the results, make a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment plan – all during the initial visit. 

“Depending on their diagnosis, our patients frequently benefit from immediate follow-up care with the same doctor who first treated them. That is a very unique model in the healthcare industry, and just one more aspect of TRIA that sets us apart.”

“Because we are a self-contained medical treatment center, our doctors and I typically work side by side with our patients’ physical or hand therapists,” added Dr. Walsh. “My patients feel a greater sense of support as I accompany them to the therapy area, where I consult with their therapists one-on-one to ensure they continue receiving the best and most personalized course of treatment.”

“We have positioned TRIA to meet our patients’ diverse range of physical therapy and hand therapy needs,” said Steven. “Our physical therapy team is exceptional, with the extensive training and broad degree of specialization they need to help restore anyone’s full range of motion following an injury or surgery. Whether our patient’s recovery requires aquatic therapy, cycling, a patellofemoral program, or a more specialized approach such as our Lower Extremity Agility Program, they will find the personalized care they deserve at TRIA.”

“Our same-day surgery centers are another way in which TRIA has revolutionized orthopedic care,” said Dr. Walsh. “When I first began receiving orthopedic training 30 years ago, it was standard practice for a patient to remain in bed until their incision had healed. That often lasted several days. While we have certainly made staying at TRIA comfortable, I do not imagine our patients would like to stay here for an entire week.

“Thanks to modern innovations in medical technology, as well as our own personal commitment to research and moving the field of orthopedics forward, we are frequently able to send our patients home following a surgery as substantial as a knee or hip replacement that very same day. Just recently we performed a knee replacement on a man who arrived at our surgery center at 7am and returned home by noon. He was amazed by the efficiency of our process.

“We always monitor our patient’s recovery and provide any therapy they might need following a procedure, yet the greater comfort they experience while recovering at home cannot be overstated. We additionally offer a hotel recovery program. Participating hotels, which are located just across the street from our Bloomington and Woodbury locations, have handicap accessible rooms dedicated to our patients who would prefer to recover in close proximity to TRIA.

“We are able to perform less complicated operations, such as hand surgery, in procedure rooms in our clinic space. There is no longer a need to fast or undergo a physical examination before such routine surgeries. Our patients can even drive themselves home afterward.”

“We wholeheartedly believe that TRIA’s engagement with the communities we are privileged to take part in must extend beyond our campuses,” said Steven. “We are honored to be involved in a great many community programs and athletic associations throughout the Twin Cities area, including in Eden Prairie. Our sports medicine team members frequently provide preventative and medical care services at youth sporting events.”

Whether you have been bothered by a shoulder injury for months and wish to feel well again – or you have only just hurt your ankle while taking your dog for their morning walk – TRIA’s fast yet personalized approach to orthopedic medicine is always available.

TRIA’s orthopedic center at 8100 Northland Drive in Bloomington is located only 15 minutes away from Eden Prairie, and you do not need an appointment to see one of their passionate physicians today. You can learn more about Minnesota’s revolutionary orthopedic center at You may also speak with the receptionist at TRIA’s Bloomington location by calling (952) 831-8742.

Certified Physical Therapists
Nationwide, only seven percent of physical therapists are board certified in orthopedics or sports physical therapy. TRIA has 44 board certified physical therapy clinical specialists, which represents 64 percent of their physical therapy team.

Walk-Ins Welcome
Have you suffered from a recent injury? Go to TRIA and you will receive an in-person consultation with a doctor the same day of your initial visit. You can even receive a same-day consultation with a physical therapist.

Same-Day Surgery
TRIA’s state of the art approach to orthopedic medicine means greater convenience and comfort. Procedures which formerly required a hospital stay now take a matter of hours, after which patients may safely recover in their own homes.

Major League Doctors
TRIA’s orthopedic doctors regularly treat members of the Twins, the Wild, and other professional and collegiate sports teams. TRIA’s doctors take pride in treating all of their patients, whether they want to win the World Series or build a treehouse with their grandchildren.

  • Steven Housh & Dr. Thomas Walsh