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Richelle and Leighton King are the recent owners of Tribe Life Athletics in Southwick. They are avid CrossFitters and love bringing their passion and experience to their community of athletes.  

Why did you start CrossFit? What do you think differentiates CrossFit from other workout programs? 

“We each started CrossFit for a different reason. I started CrossFit because I was in a funk. We had just moved here from California. I had no friends, no motivation, and severe depression. I wanted to learn to love myself again. I could not stay motivated at a regular gym, plus I didn’t really know what to do and how to use the equipment properly. CrossFit makes working out and staying in shape easy. I fell in love. I didn’t have to think. I just had to show up and put in the work,” Richelle stated.

Leighton follows, “I started CrossFit because Richelle was pregnant and going to the same gym was beneficial at the time and more importantly, going to a regular Globo gym was getting me nowhere. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was following workouts from magazines and from the internet. But I had no coaching or community. No one cared if I didn’t show up or if I had poor form or poor movement patterns. CrossFit gyms are super welcoming. No matter your fitness level or age or gender, you are welcomed and encouraged to do what you can. You can always just walk right into TLA, and know we have your best interest as our top priority.”

What is it about CrossFit that draws people in, and keeps them coming back?

“It’s the community! TLA has a wonderful community. It’s one of the best groups of people this area has to offer; we have educators, law enforcement, engineers, firefighters, all walks of life. We all meet here at 809 College Highway for the same reason. It really brings people together. No one person is better than another. Yes, there are many different skill levels of athletes; however, you won’t see anyone feeling inadequate or left out. TLA members and staff encourage and motivate each other. There is zero judgement.” 

How can new members get involved, especially those who don't know if CrossFit is for them?

“We “scale” or modify each work out to the individual’s current level of fitness. Everyone has a different level of fitness, so it’s totally normal to walk into a class and have 3 members doing 3 different (but similar) movements. However, it can still be daunting for a new CrossFitter to walk into a gym and join a class. As a result, a new member can enroll in a one-to-one foundations class, to get them comfortable with the most common movements and verbiage. In addition, we will be starting Couch to CrossFit, a class offered to new and prospective members to help the transition back into physical fitness.”

What should athletes expect when they start the Couch to CrossFit?

“When you join Couch to CrossFit you will be starting with other people who are just as nervous and excited as you. Couch to CrossFit will help individuals create a health and fitness routine. We will walk each person step-by-step through Functional Fitness and Nutrition. We will assess each person’s goals, and set them up with a plan tailored to their abilities and skill levels. The best part about this is you won’t be doing it alone.” 

If you are interested in getting off the couch and back into the gym, Couch to CrossFit is the way to go. Simply visit our website: www.crossfittla.com and register. And, if you have further questions, you can stop by 809 College Highway in Southwick, or call 413-437-3585.

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