Tribú Language School Shares Passion for Learning

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world" —Ludwig Wittgenstein

Residents of all ages can learn Spanish, French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese at Tribú Language School in Westlake Village. The versatile educational learning center provides language classes, including ESL, to people of all ages, offering a language-rich curriculum that focuses on a natural and immersive approach to learning.

Small, intimate class sizes allow for individual attention, addressing specific needs and learning styles while teaching the targeted language. Taking pride in "creating global citizens through language, art and music," the instructors and staff at Tribú Language School share a passion for language and culture with the center’s founder, Angie Pena.

Drawing on her educational background as an LAUSD bilingual program teacher and love of language, Angie created Tribú as a place where families can learn and play together. 

“After having my fourth child, I chose to stay home and raise my own bilingual babies,” says Angie, a bilingual instructor in California who holds a California teacher’s credential and an M.A. in Bi-Cultural Education. Seeing the lack of language classes for children in the area, Angie began tutoring out of her home in 2010 and subsequently formed "Tribú."

Classes for All Ages

This Fall, Tribú is expanding its program offerings by moving to a larger location in Westlake Village. The added space allows for the expansion of its Discover Preschool program into a full-day option, making it the first dual-immersion Spanish/English preschool in the Conejo Valley.

In addition to class offerings, Tribú’s new space will include an indoor play area for birthday parties and special events.

Current class offerings include options for those starting at birth to 2.5 years old!

“The earlier you immerse yourself in a second language, the greater level of proficiency you will ultimately achieve,” says Angie. Through movement, music and interactive play, babies and their caregivers can learn together in a nurturing, playful environment during Play with Me sessions.

Once children are able to attend class alone, the 2 year Play with Me class is a perfect option to prepare them for preschool. The 2-hour class immerses children in a play-based, language class that includes games, art and music all in the target language.

Discover! classes for ages 3 to 5 provide a culturally-rich Montessori-based curriculum that touches on children’s auditory, visual and kinetic styles of learning as they start their journeys as bilingual and bi-literate learners. 

“The Discover class is an innovative program where our students will have joyful and learning experiences that will prepare them for school and for life by building independence, decision making, creativity, problem-solving and academic skills,” says Angie.

Ages 4 to 10 can Explore! learning a new language through homeschool and afterschool classes in a small group learning environment that include practical conversation, high-impact learning games, targeted letter recognition and spelling activities, all supported with music and visual aids.

For ages 8 to 14, Dive In! classes offer a faster pace for older learners. The classes are student centered. After modified input has been “taken in” and comprehension is achieved using games, challenges and dramatic play, students are then given the chance to use the language in communicative, task-based activities that require problem solving, creativity and cooperation.

“At Tribú, we understand that language learning is a process that depends on first understanding the language, then having the opportunity to use the knowledge in a unique way. We strive to give students multiple opportunities to use the language in each class,” says Angie.

Students ages 14 and up can Immerse! in a variety of scheduled classes, including group and private lessons for all levels focusing on conversational, to intermediate and high school AP, medical and corporate language learning.

Tribú’s dedicated team of instructors represent a global spectrum of experience and culture:

·         Ms. Emi, born and raised in Kobe, Japan, teaches Japanese.

·         Miss Gina is a bilingual teacher with a degree in Science of Education and a major in Educational Technology with over 20 years of experience in multiple countries, including Mexico, Germany, and the United States.

·         Ms. Melanie has over 20 years of experience teaching and tutoring French and Spanish, following the completion of a French teaching credential.

·         Ms. Gaby is a Liberal Studies graduate from CSUN, with a passion for education.

·         Ms. Olivia teaches Mandarin, graduating from the Wenzao Ursuline University of language majoring in Spanish and minoring in Japanese and has an MBA with emphasis on international business from CLU.

Visit Tribú Language School at 31368 Via Colinas, Suite 101, in Westlake Village, or learn more by calling 805.630.0000 or online at

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