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True Green

Curb appeal? Yes! Earth-friendly? You got it!

Would you like your yard to be the leader of the pack?

Do you love the planet?

Your yard could be a regenerative and sustainable outdoor space - a thriving, organic eco-paradise that contributes to protecting biodiversity, building soil, restoring the water cycle, and growing food, medicine, and pollinator habitat.

For over 10 years, Shades of Green has transformed outdoor spaces with designs and online classes including the Regenerative Backyard Blueprint permaculture implementation program. "Regenerative landscapes, no matter the size, can have a positive impact on the environment," says managing director Brandy Hall. Shades of Green is a woman-owned, Certified B Corporation and member of the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

“My personal and professional goal has always been to help people reconnect with their land and to help them live healthier lives. I grew up between my mom and stepdad’s conventional plant nursery in South Florida and my dad’s home in the pristine western North Carolina mountains," says Brandy.

And thus, her love for green and the planet was born.

"When I was young, my mom and stepdad were poisoned by the herbicides and pesticides they used on the farm, which led to escalating allergic reactions for years until I was a teenager when they moved the whole family to the middle of the woods to begin a 4-year detox," says Brandy. and on Instagram @shades_of_green_permaculture.