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True Therapeutics Skin and Body

An Artfully Blended Symphony of Bodywork Techniques

Article by Brittany Bisceglia

Photography by Christopher Thomas/Elevated Imaging

Originally published in Windsor City Lifestyle

Carla Akers, LMT, LE owns True Therapeutics Skin and Body, a wellness spa in Windsor specializing in tranquil massage, facials, and other skin and body treatments.  After being in a car accident in 2001 that changed her life, Carla felt compelled to pursue the modality of soft tissue massage that helped rescue her both physically and neurologically through firsthand relief and transformation.  Twenty-two years later, Carla's passion has remained steadfast and her desire to alleviate chronic pain and improve lives has inspired her to expand her knowledge even further, continuously learning new techniques that soothe the nervous system, as well as becoming a licensed Esthetician and delving into skincare as another avenue that promotes self-care and self-love.  Through skincare, Carla discovered the intricacies of individualized care and the profound impact it has on not just the skin, but also on one's posture and facial structure.

Last year, Carla added a new dimension to her expertise with hands-on Facial Sculpting and Remodeling, along with Buccal Massage.  Facial Sculpting and Remodeling is a holistic and alternative method of rejuvenation to Botox and Fillers, where the body and face are treated as one structure. By stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage through a sculpting massage of the five layers of the face, a younger and healthier look is achieved! 

Buccal intra-oral massage involves massaging pressure points inside the mouth to stimulate muscles and ligaments in the buccal fat pad (between cheeks and jowls) to tighten and contour the area, reaching the deeper layers of the muscles that superficial massage cannot reach.  Not only does buccal massage give amazing aesthetic results by naturally lifting and sculpting, but it is also a deeply therapeutic and relaxing massage. It releases chronic build-up of tension and stress within the jaw and face, reduces lines and wrinkles, alleviates migraines and headaches, de-puffs, and can have a significant reduction in jaw pain caused by TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction).  When performed regularly, this procedure can provide results similar to dermal fillers, but without the needles and potential side effects.  Other facial areas are targets as well during Buccal Massage, including the shoulders, neck, chin, jaw, lips, and around the eyes and nose. 

Some simple ways to reduce stress and tension in the face and jaw are staying hydrated,  practicing good posture, getting adequate sleep, avoiding clenching and grinding your teeth, and setting up ergonomic workstations. Regular therapeutic appointments and utilizing facial massage techniques like Carla provides at True Therapeutics Skin and Body will help give your body that extra boost it needs as well!  Facial Sculpting & Remodeling and Buccal Massage are not the only wellness services that Carla provides.  She also provides Myofascial Release, Cupping, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (also known as Gua Sha).  As a well-rounded therapist equipped with diverse tools, Carla can address various needs and challenges her clients may face!

When Carla is not working in her wellness spa helping clients feel and look their best she enjoys living her best life in beautiful Colorado!  Whether she is hiking in the mountains, camping under the stars, or cheering on her favorite sports teams, Carla enjoys soaking up the sun and good vibes with friends and family.  "Life is too short to not enjoy every moment the best we can!" 

If you would like to learn more about the wellness services Carla provides visit her website at, give her a call at 720-201-7852, or stop by her studio at 631 Birch Street, Unit D right here in Windsor! 

"Life is too short to not enjoy every moment the best we can!"- Carla Akers