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Corporate Chef George Laudun and Staff Provide Intimate Cooking Demonstrations Using Their State-of-the-Art Appliances 

Atlanta’s Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove showroom provides one of the most unique, customer-friendly experiences available for shoppers anywhere. Based in Buckhead’s bustling Terminus Atlanta complex, the renowned Chef George Laudun recently engaged 15 prospective and returning patrons with another one of his mouth-watering, multiple-course cooking demonstrations using solely the company’s state-of-the-art appliances sold on site. Sizzling sea scallops sautéed to perfection and flame-licked prime-cut beef filets are just a few of Chef George’s dishes for his audience to sample and duplicate at home.  He shared his recipes and an appreciation for the appliances that made this meal possible. Everything utilized in the demonstration—from the refrigerators to the infrared griddle, induction cooktop, convection steam oven and infrared charbroiler—is collectively Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove products. Whether attendees are seated directly in front of Chef George or at high tops, everyone enjoys a perfect view thanks to a rotating camera capturing every chop, pour and plating screened on numerous HD monitors. All participants indulge in the late-morning session’s menu featuring proteins, plus a cheese and charcuterie platter, a fresh seasonal green salad, garlic potatoes seasoned with bacon, citrus asparagus, Georgia grass-raised beef tenderloins and a caramel sauce to drizzle over the airy profiteroles all made from scratch. Once Laudun’s engaging demonstration concluded, members of the audience dabbed the corners of their mouths and immediately asked showroom representatives to lead them to appliances that would upgrade their existing and future kitchens.

Talking with a returning customer who was inquiring about one of the newest additions to the floor—a Cove dishwasher built on Sub-Zero and Wolf’s technology—the Georgia Division’s Vice President of Sales Don DeLong provided more insight. 

“We have done chef demonstrations to some extent since 1997 in Orlando, Florida,” DeLong says. “Our goal was to give the luxury customer the ability to experience our products and not just take someone’s word. Chef George is our corporate chef and has been with us for 14 years. What we love about him is his ability to connect with the customers at a common level, and to make our presentations about the products and their extensive capabilities. Where many chefs make their demo about them and their food, Chef George does an excellent job of showing the customer how easy it is to prepare meals with Wolf. We like to think customers leave our demos with confidence, saying, ‘I can do that.’”

And after the delectable exhibition, what’s the next step?

“No matter how large or small a project, our showroom staff can provide concierge-level service from inspiration to installation,” DeLong informs. “We will then match them up with one of our dealers and after installation, they can return and attend one of our use-and-care classes. While we do have websites and a 24/7 customer-care line, we want everyone to know we are a valuable resource before and after the sale. The best part is we get to establish a relationship with our customers. Not a lot of brands can do that these days. It’s not cheap to run a showroom, but we feel it is well worth the investment.”

One of the guests in the showroom, Michael Berthiaume, was researching his investment.

“I found out about this demonstration when I was at the showroom outfitting a new home I am building in the Atlanta area,” Berthiaume says. “The experience was great due to its size but was still very intimate. The interaction from Chef George was great, it was nice to be able to ask questions at the end, and he made it look incredibly easy to make some great dishes, so I decided to add the convection oven onto my order.”

Along with regular cooking demonstrations and instructional classes, there are also opportunities to receive private, hands-on learning opportunities and appliance consultation. And although there are locations worldwide, Chef George and DeLong’s Buckhead showroom is certainly a standout perfectly seasoned with Southern hospitality.

For more information on Atlanta’s Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove, visit Subzero-Wolf

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