Tucker's Restaurant:

Celebrating 25 Years of Family, Dedication, and Delicious Moments

I walked through the door, just back from Yankee Candle, and shared the news with my wife, Karen, and our newborn daughter, Paige – I had officially resigned from Chandlers Tavern, the beloved Yankee Candle's Restaurant. Despite my genuine affection for the job, change was in the air.

Fast forward to April 15, 1999, and Tucker's Restaurant was born at 648 College Highway in Southwick, MA. Over the years, we watched it grow and flourish. By early 2006, our dreams took shape in a stand-alone building at 625 College Highway, designed to host Lunch, Dinner, and Banquets simultaneously.

In 2024, as we mark our 25th Anniversary, it's not just a celebration of culinary excellence but a testament to family ties. The Tucker's team consists of my wife Karen, daughters Paige and Payton, my late Mom Marge Anderson, Uncle Evan, and Cousins – truly a family affair.

Bradford Kline has been a constant in the kitchen for 22 years, shadowing my every move. Through the years, faces have come and gone, and some found their way back to us.

In our operation, Karen excels at managing the front, while Bradford and I command the back. Operating hours are designed to cater to our patrons' needs, open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 3:30 pm to 8 pm, and Thursday and Friday from 12 pm to 8 pm. Banquet and catering services are available seven days a week, including Sundays and Mondays.

Our commitment extends beyond our customers to the vendors who've been with us for over 20 years – a loyalty we cherish. Blossoming Acres, Arnolds Meats, Valley Fish, Tougias Bakery, Baronet Coffee, McKinstry's Farms, Crown Linen, Checkwriters and Blooms Flower Truck are more than suppliers; they are part of the Tucker's family.

Choosing Southwick has proven to be the right decision, as our loyal clientele has become an extended family. However, early in January 2024, our Tucker's Family faced a significant loss with the passing of a special member, Louis Germani. A skilled artisan, having worked at the Hofbräuhaus and Storrowton Tavern, he continues to watch over us. I can almost hear him cautioning me as I prepare the Banana's Foster, a skill he graciously taught me.

As we approach our 25th Anniversary Celebration in April, we reflect on our journey. We anticipate bringing back events like Wine and Beer tastings, shows, and more throughout the year. Join us in making memories and entrust us with your next special occasion.

Warm regards,

Mike and Karen Anderson

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