Tune in to Your New Spa-Like Home Bathroom

This year, bring more music into your life by equipping your bathroom with audio

Article by Melissa Wyatt

Photography by Courtesy of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Originally published in Red Rock City Lifestyle

As Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery’s Showroom Manager in Las Vegas, I know that almost every manufacturer has incorporated smart home technology – including audio devices – into their bath products, enabling homeowners to be happier than ever. This means the chance to elevate your showering and self-care routine by adding music to the mix.

Equipping your bathroom with audio devices

When used purely for entertainment reasons, adding audio to your bathroom is a great way to create a spa-like experience at home. You can boost relaxation from the comfort and solitude of the shower by listening to your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, or one of this year's Grammy-nominated comedy or spoken word albums.

When you consider the therapeutic benefits of music, perhaps you can wash away stress during your morning or evening rituals. At a minimum, audio in the bathroom provides the added ability to drown out any bathroom noises you don't want to be heard beyond the bathroom door.

In past years, smart audio devices were more for the "wow" factor than actual functionality. Today's devices offer much more beyond streaming and the opportunity for a private (and pretend) shower duet.

For example, equipping your bathroom with an audio device such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa can save time for the busy homeowner. The smart device can deliver traffic updates, daily reminders, and remotely preheat breakfast or start your coffee on command. Many homeowners already use these platforms with ease, so connecting a shower, vanity, or toilet and controlling the fixture through voice commands is not entirely foreign.

These smart audio devices can provide additional safety measures in a room where water can cause many hazards for family members of all ages. According to Higbee, the ability to use voice commands to control the water temperature to prevent scalds and burns is invaluable for parents of young children.

A guide to enjoying audio in the bathroom

Simple bathroom setup:

For a simple bathroom setup, you only need a Wi-Fi connection and power source to connect or charge the device to get started. Here are some examples:

·         The Kohler Moxie is a showerhead plus wireless, waterproof, and removable speaker combo. The speaker's charging dock has a small footprint and can be placed on your vanity so you can listen to music as you get ready from outside the shower.

·         Elevate your bathroom experience indoors and outdoors with the Kichler Berryhill lantern. Pair the portable LED lantern with a built-in Bluetooth speaker with your phone or tablet. Then sit back in privacy with an audio system in your privy.

Medium complexity, possibly DIY:

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated without a complete remodel, here are several options:

·         Consider bath fans with an integrated Bluetooth speaker which connects to most Bluetooth-capable audio devices. A bath fan can be a relatively quick and straightforward upgrade.

·         Many homeowners install recessed lighting with integrated Bluetooth speakers that work with any portable device capable of transmitting audio through wireless technology. You can link up to eight lights for a fuller, richer audio experience. If a home already has bathroom recessed lighting, this is a straightforward way to introduce audio.

·         One product that has captured homeowners' imagination is Kohler's voice-enabled Verdera Voice mirror. According to Kohler's Konnect smart home product description, it’s "the first-ever bathroom mirror to use this innovative technology to improve your lighting quality, provide entertainment and keep you up-to-date with traffic and weather reports all in one unique piece."

So, what's the downside? Despite the potentially awkward side-effect of inviting family sing-a-longs or potentially disturbing your partner with your morning routine, bathroom audio is a great way to satisfy your love of music. Shower off your concerns and share your appreciation for music by enlisting the available equipment around your house.

When you consider the therapeutic benefits of music, perhaps you can wash away stress during your morning or evening rituals.

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