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Hygge Up!

Comfort Takes Front Row in Interior Design

What are the hottest design trends right now? We caught up with Tricia Turk, owner of Turk Interiors, to find out. Below are her words, edited for length: 

One pandemic surprise, yet not such a big surprise when you think about it, is the desire for people to update their homes. People started working from home, homeschooling their children, cooking for their families and more. That has made us pay attention to what’s important to us within the four walls we call home. The result is a trend of comfort and quality. Surrounding yourself with meaningful objects that evoke a sense of belonging.

The idea of comfort is strong in the interior design world right now. I attribute much of this to the adaptation of the Danish hygge. While this “trend” is not new, it's much more prevalent in American homes. We want our spaces to provide a sense of comfort, togetherness and well-being. How does this translate to furniture and accessories? We are seeing an uptick in comfortable, lounge-worthy, deep-seated sofas in soft fabrics (kid and pet friendly, of course), neutral colors, soft luxurious woven area rugs, natural wood tones, live plants and fireplaces that are a focal point of a room. 

Wallpaper is still on trend—both for tone-on-tone texture or even bold prints, but it must speak to the client like art speaks to one person. I’m seeing less mimicking of what people see in others' homes and more emphasis on how they live. Quality over quantity. Bespoke rather than mass produced. Conversation areas vs. formal seating areas. Storage and organization is BIG—having a well organized space give us more time to enjoy the day. Hygge embodies the secrets to happy living.

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