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Turning an Unfinished Basement into a Family Playground

Michael Nash Design/Build creates a space that meets everyone's needs.

Unfinished basements are a common irritation in modern houses. They become the project that needs to be completed, but keeps getting ignored for one reason or another. But once done, a well-thought-out basement can be that versatile space to really open up a house and provide a get-away for members of the family feeling crowded in other spaces.

“For this client, creating a space to meet the entire family’s needs individually and as a unit was very important,” says Sonny Nazemian, master designer/remodeler at Michael Nash. “This was a completely blank slate down to the studs, so we had a lot to work with and we were able to create the perfect space.”

First up was the bar area. Beautiful wood cabinetry with glass facades, modern appliances and granite countertops, create a space where parents can entertain and unwind, but also a spot where children can keep their snacks and drinks when utilizing the basement, so they don’t have to run up and down the stairs. An overhanging countertop with stool seating completes the space.

The next area was the home theater and gaming area. A large screen projector system was installed with the screen set in wooden custom cabinetry to match the bar area. There’s enough storage to keep the entertainment system as well as DVD’s and games for the video gaming unit. Enough room was left to the side of the theater to include table games and more storage cabinets. The area is open to the theater so poker night players can still watch the game.

A smaller room was finished with plenty of storage and toys for the young children and the adults got their own fitness area complete with a “gym-style” mirrored wall. The final area was a guest room with a gorgeous modern bathroom with custom cabinets, and a new shower with river stone flooring, modern tile and rain shower. Now friends and family can visit and have their own space.

Wood flooring was installed through the majority of the basement to match the wide entry staircase and tile was added in the bar area to help separate the spaces. Another design feature was the inlaid ceilings in the different areas complete with colored lighting. This gives a design focus to each area, creates a separation between the rooms and brings a whimsical look with color. Large doors open into the backyard so the family can enjoy indoor/outdoor living and bring in the natural light.

“Families and their needs change over time,” says Sonny. “Our job is to work with the family at whatever stage they come to us and create a versatile space that meets their needs. We want each client to be comfortable and use the space first, and then add the special design elements that make the space a place everyone wants to come to.”