Turning up the Heat at Colorado Markets

Moon Peppers: Pickled with a Twist

May brings the official start to the Colorado outdoor market season. We can once again procure crafted goods, enjoy homemade delights, and find our favorite Colorado Proud products, while enjoying the fresh mountain air.

One of the newest market foodie-finds to keep your eye out for is Moon Peppers. 

The creators of Moon Peppers, Diem and Khai Vuu, are a young couple from Texas who decided to put down roots in Colorado Springs. They vacationed in the area over the years and fell in love with the weather, the outdoor adventure opportunities, and especially the strong community support. They felt like it was the perfect place to raise their young son and to begin their new business journey: introducing Moon Peppers to the world.  We reached out to Diem and Khai to find out more about these spicy little treats.

What are Moon Peppers?

The name “Moon Peppers” represents the essence of growth. The name was born out of a serendipitous moment during our early beginnings while cutting peppers. We noticed the charming moon-like shape and then later discovered that peppers grow at night. Peppers absorb energy from the sunlight during the day and then flourish under the moon’s gentle glow. Moon Peppers embodies the power of growth that thrives even during the darkest moments.

What was your inspiration?

One night while we were having dinner, we felt our dishes were lacking a bit of a kick.  Instantly, we thought about our grandmothers' pickled condiments and how wonderful they would pair with our dinner. We remembered they would pickle mustard greens, carrots, cauliflower, garlic and how wonderful they tasted, but we never recalled them pickling anything spicy. So, we thought how amazing it would be for us to use their traditional brine and add a spicy twist.

What makes Moon Peppers unique?

We carefully select the finest quality peppers, de-seed and de-vein the caribe and jalapeno peppers, and hand-slice the serrano and habanero peppers. We then go through a process of shaking the peppers to remove most of the seeds and then give it multiple filtered water baths prior to pickling the peppers. This is what gives our peppers the unique spice levels and unique taste almost anyone can enjoy. We also carry different varieties of peppers that aren’t typically found in stores.

(The Moon Pepper lineup includes caribe, jalapeño, serrano, and habanero peppers.  They also carry pickled cauliflower and carrots infused with zesty jalapeño.)

How are Moon Peppers best enjoyed?

Our peppers can be enjoyed in many ways. It can be enjoyed with noodles, rice, eggs, pasta, sushi, steak, hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, salads, pizza, tacos, BBQ, and nachos. But we want people to just have fun with peppers and explore creative ways of eating.

Where can we find Moon Peppers?

Moon Pepper products can be found at many local outdoor markets where samples are provided. Moon Peppers can also be found at the following retail stores: Bread & Butter, Ranch Foods Direct, and The LOCAL in Parker. Moon Peppers can also be purchased and shipped through the website.  For market locations, follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Website: www.moonpeppers.com
Instagram: @moonpeppersco
Facebook: @moonpeppers

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