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Integrating Pets into Stylish Interior Design

Pets are not just man’s best friend; they are also members of our families. As pet owners, we want to ensure that our furry friends feel comfortable and happy in our homes while maintaining a stylish and aesthetically pleasing living space. In this article, we will explore creative ideas and practical tips for seamlessly integrating pets into the interior design, creating a harmonious and pet-friendly home.

  1. Pet-Friendly Furniture 

When selecting furniture for your home you want to think of high-performance, stain-resistant fabrics and metal or durable (not chewable) furniture legs. Microfiber, Ultrasuede, leather or Crypton are great fabric choices. You can find high performance and washable upholstery in almost any store now that is not only great for pets but also comfortable and aesthetically fitting for your design. Choose drapes, pillows and rugs that are in the same color tones as your pet. Finding fashionable throw blankets that you can easily wash is much easier than cleaning upholstery. Most important is to find a cozy spot, bed or scratch post that your pets know is a safe area of their own. This will help keep your furniture looking fresh and pet free much longer. 

2. Stylish Storage Solutions

Dedicating a drawer or cabinet in the laundry room or mud area of your home is always a good way to keep your pets’ items nicely tucked away. If you don't have free cabinet space, you can have a cute basket full of toys that looks tidy and is easily accessible. Containers for pet food and treats are a good way to get the big bulky bags off your pantry floor and look organized. 

3. Design a Pet Nook

Creating a corner for your pet will both be cute in your home and cozy for your furry friend. Building a crate into a cabinet or using the empty space for a tiny animal house under your stairs is a creative way to incorporate design into your pet space. We are also now building pet drink stations into the bottoms of cabinet areas that have a pot filler for drinking water.

With a little creativity and thoughtful planning, it’s possible to design a home that seamlessly blends pet-friendly features with stylish interior design. By incorporating these ideas and tips, you can create a space where pets and humans can live in harmony, allowing both comfort and beauty to coexist under one roof.

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