Two5:7North Videos

Passionately Showing People's Stories

Husband and wife duo, Grant and Ashleigh Murphy, know the best videos are those with heart.

They combined technical skills, creative direction experience and overall cinematography knowledge to create a video company that applies heart to their entire process for clients. Grant provides more than 10 years of camera operation, editing, animation, audio and lighting experience, while Ashleigh offers 10-plus years of graphic design, photography, styling and an eye for details.

"We love being visual storytellers. It's an honor to be trusted with the opportunity to bring someone's vision to life," says Ashleigh. "We're passionate about truly getting to the heart of a story. People want connection and relationships, and video is such an incredible medium to be able to communicate on those levels. When a video shares the real, raw, authentic emotion of a person or business, that's where it comes alive and the magic really happens." 

Videos empower and give everyone a platform and a voice, she explains.

Ashleigh often reflects on how videos can impact people and our culture in positive manners. "For someone to offer encouragement to complete strangers regarding life's challenges, spreading hope and a sense of community when people might feel otherwise, is a powerful tool. And we don't take that for granted," Ashleigh adds.

Grant believes videos are important because millions of hours of video are watched by millions of people all over the world every day. "People use videos to get information, educate themselves, talk with family, be entertained, earn a living and so much more. If businesses aren't using video, they aren't tapping into a tremendous market of people who want to connect with them and their brands."

The Murphys produce various types of videos, such as the following:

—Social Content: designed as "bite-sized" video content, brand videos, animated graphics and design.

—Testimonials: often for businesses regarding products and services.

—Events: showing engagements with meaningful calls to action or to highlight key speakers or entertainment.

—Graphic video: great for sharing statistics, animations and charts.

—Drone videos: a fresh perspective from the sky, guided by FAA-certified drone operator.

—Commercials: videos in approved broadcast standards from animation to on-location shoots, including scripting, storyboarding and licensed music.

—Fund-a-need: videos that prompt emotional calls to action while providing an inside perspective about organizations and why people would want to donate.

Grant says the fast-paced nature of the video industry is always evolving, with something new to learn. "It keeps us on our toes, and we like that!"

He predicts more drones, virtual reality interactivity, and 8K technologies will sneak into consumer sets and cameras. "That being said, the beautiful thing about video production is that the best videos are those with heart," says Grant. "So no matter what changes are taking place visually to make videos more dynamic and eye-catching than ever, the art of storytelling will always remain."

The Murphys say working with them equates to working with a team who genuinely cares. 

"We continually pray for the success of those we work with, on both a professional and personal level," says Ashleigh. "While it's very important to us that we're creating a beautiful, visually pleasing video, the most important part of our work is that we take all of the vision, heart and passion that makes up your story, and we communicate just that—your story." 

"We're passionate about all of the realness, grit and grace that makes it authentically yours."

—Ashleigh Murphy

The Murphys say their company name of Two5:7North (pronounced Two, Five, Seven, North) is inspired by the Bible verse 2 Corinthians 5:7, which is "For we walk by faith, not by sight" and that north signifies hands up to heaven, praising everything that God has done in their lives.

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