Tyler and Sabina Rich visit Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

bringing "Rich Rescues" local

Tyler & Sabina Rich 

1) Tyler, you and Sabina have covered many miles throughout your relationship, and you even write about it in your songs,  tell us how you two make it work? 

  • We’ve been going back and forth between LA and Nashville since we started dating six years ago. It’s hard on us, but our own little unique and special thing at the same time. It helps that we always feel like we’re dating. Traveling the different cities keeps things new and fresh for us. Honesty and trust are vital for a long-distance relationship, and removing all jealousy from the equation is a must. 

2) Sabina, you've worked as a model and actress. What has been your favorite role to play?  

  • In one of my favorite roles, I played opposite Tony Goldwyn in a film called Outlaw Prophet, based on the true-life story of Warren Jeffs, the polygamous cult leader. I played this incredibly brave woman, Rebecca Musser, who was born into this cult, yet somehow still had the awareness to understand something wasn’t right and escape. The roles that have a special place in my heart are the ones where I truly have the opportunity to transform into someone else.

3) Rich Rescues became your touring trademark; share with us how this started.

  • We’re big animal lovers, and since our traveling lifestyle keeps us from rescuing all the pups we wish we could, Rich Rescues came to life. I felt it was important to use my outlet and following to promote to the fans the animals in need of homes in the cities where we tour.  This has created a deeper bond with the fans, and we love getting updates and seeing the pups happy in their new homes. These visits have also led to relationships with the shelters as well. We got our new puppy Yukon from a visit we did in Green Bay at Happily Ever After. He’s a hilarious Husky/Malinois mix and the perfect fit for us. 

4) Sabina & Tyler, tell us the story of the Husky you rescued during covid and all the care you were able to provide him.

  • Max, who was about 16 years old and a Samoyed/Husky mix that stole our hearts. We knew he was coming from a very rough place and would likely be put down. Since it was Covid, and neither of us could work, we found it the perfect time to foster him and bring him back to life for a happy ending. It took a couple of vet visits, a few trips to the groomer, lots of vitamins, and walks, but we got him back to a playful happy dog. He and Abby, our senior husky, were in love. We traveled all over on road trips to national parks with them and even crossed the country from LA to Massachusetts for Christmas. Our 14 months with Max were the best.

5) Thank you so much for coming to visit a local dog rescue in Mount Juliet! What did you both love most about the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary? 

  • Especially after our time with Max, we have an even deeper love for senior pups and those who care for them. Everyone was so passionate; it was refreshing. The entire facility is beautiful, and the continued commitment from the rescue to cover medical bills for the families that take home these old pups is just amazing. 

6) Have you seen anything similar to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary around the country?

  • We have seen shelters focus on one thing, abused animals going through rehab, cats, exotic animals, etc. But, nothing ever quite like Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. 

7) When visiting other dog rescue facilities across the country, tell us what you're doing to help bring awareness through your platform? 

  • My social media presences increases in each city we are in.   Fans want to know where you go in their towns. To see if we go to their favorite parks, bars, restaurants, etc. So, it’s the perfect time for me to post stories about the shelter and some special cases. Like the dog that's been there the longest, to the one with three legs, etc.  We will usually post recaps to TikTok and Reels and to my main pages and ask fans to tag their friends in those areas that could be the perfect home for them. 

8) What would you love fans to know about your music and upcoming new releases?

  • My debut album TWO THOUSAND MILES was inspired by Sabina and my long-distance relationship, but ironically, it came out while we were in the midst of quarantine. I’m really proud of those songs like “The Difference” and “Leave Her Wild” because they really reflected us and still connected with so many fans. Since, I’ve been able to put out songs like “Better Than You’re Used To,” that drive those same feelings we (and our fur friends) all deserve – love, and acceptance.  My newest single, “Thinkin’ We’re In Love,” is a duet with Quebec pop singer Marie-Mai and is one of my favorites I’ve ever written because it’s light and fun. Plus, I just announced a new headline tour of the same name for this Fall, where we’ll be playing and releasing some more new music. I can’t wait for you all to hear what I’ve been working on; I’m super proud of all of it! 

9) Anything else you would love to add? 

  • My newest single “Thinking We’re In Love” just came out! It’s a duet with Quebec pop singer Marie-Mai, and one of my favorites I’ve ever written. We’ll be releasing more new music a lot over this next year, and can’t wait for you all to hear what I’ve been working on, I’m super proud of all it! 

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