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And The World-Class Art and Artists of Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Often, we think art comes from somewhere else, like New York or L.A,” said Mark Jackson. “Art can come from anywhere.” Jackson is a multidisciplinary artist working in his studio and gallery space, VELESERO.

Throughout his career, Jackson has worked commercially shooting global brands and agencies. In 2019, Jackson turned his attention to art. With handmade panels, gold and silver leafing, and original photographs, Jackson has created a proprietary method of creating captivating pieces that hold places in galleries around the country. Examples include "Poison Berries of Arkansas" and "Good Party / Bad Party".

With a photographer’s ability to capture beauty and an artist’s aptitude to display originality, Jackson's art “walks the delicate line between the abstract and the real.”

Being from Arkansas, Jackson explains Fayetteville as a vibrant hub, characterized by the university and rich culture, that attracts artful thinkers. “I am constantly amazed by the many talented artists here". He explains how we are surrounded by world-class art through museums like Crystal Bridges, along with globally recognized artists who might just live next door.