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Under the Texas Sky

Sammy Dillard, co-founder of the Wahwahtaysee Resort in Hill Country, talks tents, trails and keeping things Texas.

An hour outside of Austin, on the banks of the San Marcos River, sits a glamping resort that combines the luxury of a cool boutique hotel with the wildness of an African safari... and that was exactly the owners aims.

What was the inspiration behind Wahwahtaysee?

We bought the property in 2015 without knowing a thing about the glamping industry, but shortly after my brother spent his honeymoon in Africa and visited several safari type resorts while there and loved them.  My father and mother had also been to Africa several times and really enjoyed the ambiance and romance of the tents they stayed in while vacationing there. We originally built three tents, one for my family, one for my brother's family, and one for my parents.

And then it grew into a resort…

The tents and cabins are some of the nicest in the industry, sat along the San Marcos River on our 102-acre property. We are unique because of the details we have put into each accommodation we have. People feel like they are staying at a private ranch, keeping it small and quaint, but with the property very well kept. We want guests to feel refreshed and happy when they leave the resort with a sense of appreciation for nature, and hope they will want to return to Wahwahtaysee each year. 

You embrace all things Texas, don’t you?

Yes. We recommend guests get out on the river, whether for fly fishing, kayaking or just chilling out.  Then they can pick nuts in our 150-year-old pecan orchard, or eat some world-famous BBQ in nearby Lockhart and Luling.  At the property guests will see many, many different types of birds, as well as other animals like deer, armadillos, raccoons, etc. We even sell Yeti cups with our logo on them!

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