Understanding the Five Emotional Stages of Retirement

“There are five emotional stages of retirement,” says Wayne Vinson, Director of Sales at The Village at Gainesville. “When you know what to expect, you’ll be on your way to a happy and fulfilling retirement.”

1. Preparation

Have a financial plan to maximize earnings and avoid withdrawal penalties.

2. Honeymoon

Enjoy doing whatever you want in your free time!

3. Discontentment

Once the honeymoon fades, you may realize how much structure and purpose your job provided. You may feel restless.

4. Adjust Perspective

Identify interests. Stay social. Establish a schedule with consistent sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise.

5. New Start

Settle into retirement. If you want more social engagements, wellness activities, or less home maintenance, consider senior living.

A Relaxed Retirement at The Village at Gainesville

Experience a fun, fulfilling life at The Village at Gainesville. Schedule a personalized tour today by calling 352-415-0053.

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