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Unique Gifts for Kids

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It’s August folks and that means summer is coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Our friends at kiddywampus compiled this list of interactive toys sure to entertain for hours. Soak up the last rays of summer sun or cool off in air conditioning – these toys are indoor and outdoor safe.

Kiddywampus is an inspiring Minnesota toy store and birthday party destination. Created by a lawyer and mother of three, kiddywampus aims to provide a selection of the most unique toys, books, and accessories for creative, imaginative, and curious kids.

AirToobz by Fat Brain

Arrange the tubes and connectors in any way you can imagine. Then, switch on the turbine and watch the foam balls go. Can you make them leap, hover, or cycle around endlessly? With adjustable airflow and hours of runtime, kids will never want to stop exploring!


Rolio by Fat Brain

The colorful textured pegs move in and out as the cylinder rolls on its soft silicone tires. It's amazingly fun to watch. The textures are fascinating for little fingers to feel. The pegs rattle beautifully when you give it a shake. Plus, it's easy to take anywhere! Sensory learning is on a roll with Rolio.


Foosbots by Fat Brain

Play anywhere. Turn your surroundings into trick shots. Push your skills to the limit. Collect them all. Become the ultimate Foosbots champion!


Cheese & Charcuterie Board by Plan Toys

Everyone loves a charcuterie board. With this set, children can prepare a European-style appetizer that’s guaranteed to impress their guests. This set includes 2 pickled cucumbers, 2 strawberries, 2 crackers, 1 block of brie cheese, 2 slices of gouda cheese, 1 sliceable roll of salami, 1 knife, 1 sauce cup, 1 spoon, and 1 cutting board.


Hydraulic Boxing Bots by Thames & Kosmos

These boxing robots use hydraulic power to move like real boxers. Packed with the excitement of a boxing match and the fun of constructing incredible mechanical models, this kit allows you to build two boxing robots and challenge a friend to a match. With complex shoulder gestures, two boxing punches (jab and uppercut), three waist postures, and interchangeable heads, these robots are designed to float like butterflies and sting like bees.


Cats & Boxes Game by Smart Toys & Games

These cats are dying to get into a box! Move the puzzle pieces one by one until all cats are in a cardboard box. Can you help them get into their favorite sleeping spot? This sequential puzzle game for kids and adults comes in a compact format and is purrrrfect to take with you!