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Kleiner Concert in the Park

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United We Stand at Summer Concerts

Taking a (Sun)Shine to Music Together

Music has many well-known benefits that include improving mood, comfort, memory and cognition; reducing pain, stress and anxiety and even helping people eat less. Music can also make hearts more healthy through improved blood flow. However, there is another, lesser-known reason to listen to music.

Nearly 2,700 years ago, Aesop, taught “united we stand, divided we fall.” The fableist was later echoed by American Patriot Patrick Henry. The sentiment has since been repeated to America by many people, including Winston Churchill and J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."). Yet, there has never been a time in this nation’s brief history when people have been more divided. Divisions along lines of race, religion, education, socio-economics, politics, values, morals/ethics, language and plain old preferences separate people. America seems to be coming apart at its seams. Never has the need to unite been greater.

New research shows that music tangibly brings people together. Studies have shown that music impacts people’s sense of belonging and creates positive associations within a group. One study at Stanford University found that people who listened to music and coordinated their movements to it were better able to cooperate with and act more generously toward others. That is a whole lot of science to say what everyone already instinctively knows—gatherings are better with music. America could always use a little more positive association, cooperation and generosity. In this national anniversary month, what better way to celebrate than by coming together with all kinds of people and getting in sync? The sunshine is just a bonus.

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Playin' In the Plaza

Location: Meridian City Hall Plaza, 33 E. Broadway Ave., Meridian

Features: Food and alcohol vendors (valid ID required)

Why You Should Go: With concerts starting at 5 p.m., this new concert series is perfect for those who are just getting off work downtown and want to unwind. The venue has a young, family-friendly, mingle atmosphere. The concerts, featuring local artists, are on Thursdays for six weeks, June 13-July 25 (excluding July Fourth).

Rock the Village

Location: The Village at Meridian, 3597 E. Monarch Sky Lane, Meridian

Features: Food and retail vendors

No smoking, vaping or outside alcohol are allowed. For full alcohol restrictions, visit

Sponsored by Larry Miller Subaru with Amplified Production Group, LLC and BOB FM.

A limited number of chairs will be provided first come, first served. Low-back outside chairs are preferred. Over-sized chairs may be removed. Chairs placed in egress corridors may be relocated.

Why You Should Go: Nicknamed Meridian's Living Room, this is a popular location. The ambiance at The Village can't be beat. Concerts are held rain or shine, so you know your plans won't get canceled.

Kuna Second Saturday Concert 

Location: On the Greenbelt Behind City Hall, 751 W. Fourth St., Kuna

Features: Family friendly concert on the second Saturdays of July and August 2019.

Why You Should Go: Due to being a brand new event and the location, this is the place to be if you prefer an intimate, less crowded concert. 

Kleiner Concert in the Park 

Location: Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park Bandshell, 1900 N. Records Ave., Meridian

Features: Part of Meridian’s annual Gene Kleiner Day which boasts many fun activities on site, Meridian Symphony Orchestra will perform. The concert is presented by the City of Meridian.

Why You Should Go: This is Meridian Symphony's only free concert of the year. It will feature some of the orchestra’s “greatest hits” from this season. Bring a picnic, a blanket or a chair and enjoy!

  • Playin' in the Park at Meridian City Hall Plaza
  • Rock the Village
  • Kuna Second Saturday Concerts at the Greenbelt Behind City Hall
  • Kleiner Concert in the Park