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Academics Plus: Trusted Supplemental Education Partner For Enhanced Academic Performance

Academics Plus staffers are dedicated to improving students' academic performance and fostering a love for learning. With 30-plus years of experience, Academics Plus team members say they consistently deliver remarkable results, helping more than 6,000 students excel academically while instilling a sense of personal excellence from their location in McKinney at 175 S. Ridge Road, Suite 700.

Over the past year, Academics Plus experienced significant growth, adding additional staff while serving more than 80 students from 13 local districts, plus multiple private and charter schools. Despite challenges following the pandemic, Academics Plus staffers remained steadfast in supporting students and ensuring their success.

Academics Plus Owner/Director Stephanie Talley says academic institutions have faced unprecedented challenges in the past year, but Academics Plus has adapted to meet the evolving needs of students. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of in-person learning, highlighting the value of face-to-face interaction, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. While technology plays a role, Academics Plus focuses on equipping students with the tools needed to think independently, handle rigorous expectations, and rely on their own cognitive abilities.

As students and parents begin a new academic year, Stephanie offers valuable advice to ensure success. She encourages parents to initiate communication with their child's teacher, sharing important information about their child and establishing a partnership. Daily reading and math practice also are emphasized, regardless of the student's age. She reminds, "Finding articles and materials that align with children's interests helps develop verbal skills and encourages a love for learning."

Stephanie also stresses the significance of routines in academic success. 

“Academic success is like exercise. There's a need for consistent practice over time to prevent skills from atrophying,” she adds. “Daily routines not only help build confidence but also ensures that students stay on top of their work and are prepared for the demands of their studies.”

Academics Plus professionals distinguish themselves from other learning centers by offering personalized instruction tailored to each student's needs and focusing on building a strong academic foundation that has a long-term impact. Stephanie and her staff also take on the role of an advocate, helping parents navigate the education system, understand the terminology, and make informed decisions for their child's academic journey.

As another school year begins, Academics Plus staffers say they're recommitting to increasing each student's academic performance while creating an atmosphere of empowerment, enhancing the joy of learning, and encouraging personal excellence in school, home and community. "Our goal is to remain a trusted partner for students, parents and the community," Stephanie states. 


Stephanie Talley
Six Tips To Increase Youths' Academic Success

  1. Read Daily: Encourage your child to read for at least 15-20 minutes every day. Reading improves verbal development, comprehension and critical thinking skills, laying a strong foundation for academic success.
  2. Do Math Daily: Dedicate 5 minutes each day to practicing math facts. This simple exercise helps build numerical fluency and strengthens problem-solving abilities.
  3. Get Enough Sleep: Ensure your child gets sufficient sleep each night. A well-rested mind is better equipped for learning, long-term memory retention, and cognitive function.
  4. Check-In: Take the time to genuinely connect with your child each day. Show them that you care and be actively involved in their academic journey. 
  5. Prioritize Mental Health: Help your child find balance and manage stress. Mental health is crucial for maintaining focus, motivation and overall academic performance.
  6. Nutrition Matters: Provide a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and nutritious foods. A healthy diet supports attention span and overall brain development, optimizing your child's ability to learn and concentrate.

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